GLP-1 Companion Foods

Interesting to see that Nestlé are launching a new food solutions brand called Vital Pursuit, to offer companion products to consumers taking GLP-1 agonist drugs. They aren’t the only ones doing it of course - but this appears to be the first dedicated brand aimed at that market, offering foods with more protein, iron, fibre, minerals and calcium.

Not hugely surprising given that the number of US adults taking these drugs is already 50% more than those who follow Keto diets and that number is expected to triple before the end of the decade. Nestlé said they are aiming to ‘limit the loss of lean muscle mass’ in people on the drugs but also that they were ‘carefully’ monitoring whether spreading use of the drugs might dent demand for its food products.

I suspect the latter maybe the bigger driver here – seems that Huel already have a whole range of products readily available to be marketed to the same consumers? :thinking:

If people would have had meal replacements like for example Huel there wouldn’t be any need for GLP-1-agonists and this new “product” from Nestle, this “evil” corporation.

Apart from that I don’t see why this stuff should have any additional benefit compared to for example Huel or similar products that are already on the market. It is just a huge hoax, another way of a large corporation trying to make money from desperate, chronically ill customers, instrumentalizing their hopes and fears.

But we won’t change society. That’s how our system works.

Yes, I don’t think there is any altruistic health motivation on Nestlé’s part here – and they pretty much say as much themselves – especially given the types of food the new brand will offer such as sandwich melts and pizzas, it seems very counterintuitive whether the customers are taking the drugs as Diabetic medication or as appetite suppressants.

Those taking GLP-1 medications might have to pay extra attention to what they eat to ensure they are meeting their needs. There are many Huel products that could be suitable meal options for those who are seeking an extra boost of protein, fibre, and micronutrients if they are struggling to consume enough of these things. :slightly_smiling_face: