Type 1 diabetic, considering Huel

Been training on and off for ten to fifteen years.

3 years ago I was diagnosed with Type 1 at the age of 33.

So drastically reduced my carb intake, to make it easier to manage my injection of insulin. Great hba1c results around the 6% mark.

This product really interests me for ease of managing my carb intake, totally set and very easy to manage portion sizes.

It will I am hoping allow me to make progress again in the gym with more carbs in my diet.

If I suppliment my protein intake in the shakes with added whey?

I really wanted to try 100% liquid food just as a test really.

@Andrew_Kennedy you are right Huel makes it very easy to manage your carb intake, plus Huel uses low GI carbs, e.g. oats.

Per 2000 cals Huel contains 150g of protein so you don’t need to supplement with additional protein.

Well ordered my first weeks worth to test the water :slight_smile:

James owns a bodybuilding board I use so its good to know hes been involved

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Hi Andrew

You shouldn’t need to add extra protein, as Huel is already high protein and there’s plenty there for recreational bodybuilders.

Look forward to hearing how you get on.

Will do James. Might put up a very brief journal on here or your board or both.
Im looking forward to it.

Slightly cheeky request; is it possible that you might post your blood sugar over time after eating a huel meal?

Of course I understand if this is not something you want to share online, but it would be really interesting to see how huel converts to blood sugar. We could compare it to this and this.

There’s a study with charts done a few weeks ago

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Big spike in bg today. 5.7 on waking. 4.5 novorapid. 3 scoops huelva 15 min later.
Up to 11 now…not sure what’s happened today.

The swing in bg today seems quite marked after an hour, so again 9.5 an hour later.

Will have to assess this next week closely as big swings like this for me are not healthy.

Must Re iterate I’m type 1. So I react very differently to a “normal” persons functioning pancreas

Going to try and drink the shake over 30 minutes tomorrow and see how I get on doing it that way.

All a process of trial and error :smile:

Bit more insulin today and drank over 30min and levels much more stable this morning.

Guess I’d forgotten about the “morning effect” if memory serves me right about more insulin needed in the morning for us type 1’s with carbs than throughout the day.

First workout and huel fuelled only yesterday. Felt very strong in the gym, loads of energy. Waking bg was 5.4 so excellent today after the gym yesterday.

Muscles are much fuller and looking good, Gone from sub 50g carbs to close to 200g on huel daily so only to be expected from more water retention.

Very very strange dreams though…last few days…

Also finding it hard to even smell food! Haha. Psychological association to its smell is unreal, really drives a huge craving response from me.

Hi Andrew

Glad all’s ok. What are your training goals?

Over time I would like to increase my strength, increase muscle mass and reduce my body fat…just the usual :slight_smile: Haha.

For me I think, looking and being strong are my main goals.

Had a great first week overall on huel, felt great in the gym.

ok great - keep us posted!

Getting a huge amount of quality sleep at the moment. Very unusual benefit for me.

2ND WEEK In, just ordered a full months supply.

I would say I am on around 90% huel, only additions are the odd chicken breast or few cubes or dark chocolate after the gym.

During the day no problem at all with no solid food. After an intesnse gym session I just seem to need solid food. Unsure why, psychological perhaps as opposed to physiological?

@Andrew_Kennedy Hi Andrew,

I am also a type 1 diabetic (20 years). I have been on liquid food for well over a year now due to having mild gastroparesis, it has made my blood sugars better but not great. So i am now trying out Huel to see if the lower carbs helps. I also want to lose some weight which, when being insulin resistant isn’t easy as I take a higher does than most people.

I have had to change over to Huel at a slow rate as my diabetes likes to react to any change, however a spike after a meal is normal (even non-diabetics people have a blood sugar spike as high as 10 up to an hour after food) You could try taking you insulin after you have ‘eaten’ as it may be that you are having a dip in your BG while you are digesting the Huel and then the insulin is running out before you have finished digesting it.

As for the needing to eat, that is normal and I suffer with this greatly, it takes about 20-30 minutes for your brain to register that your stomach is full so you will still get the craving to chew till after that point. The sensation of chewing also lets your brain know that it needs your stomach to start digesting food, try chewing some gum after you have eaten it should reduce the need for wanting to munch on something solid. :smiley:

Good tips around the chewing gum and timings.

Playing about with timings at the minute, 15 minutes before then drank over ten or so minutes seems yo be helping.

Added in a bit of protein powder today and feel full instantly after the shake. Very noticeable difference. So will see how I get on.

I didn’t know about the normal spike for non diabetics. I guess I’m just so use to no spike on my previous very low carb approach just worried I guess.

But all a learning curve! Thank you for taking the time to reply. Still a relative Newby only diagnosed at the age of 33 and 36 now :smile:

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Hi Andrew,

Have you discussed diet with your Doctor? I don’t want you to risk DKA by following a keto diet as frequently mentioned on diet websites, and on this forum too.

I look forward to trying Huel soon too.


Ketones are as far as I’m aware not the danger it’s the next step of ketoacidosis that causes the issue.

Definitely getting used to upping my insulin around more carbs from the huel.

Gp, dietitian and nutritionist all previously from the nhs have all been pretty useless to be honest.

Utter dogma about needing more carbs in my diet for the sake of NICE guidelines, fine to eat pizza and ice creams just take more insulin. Very very dumbed down advice. Utter garbage from them.

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This was so interesting to read!!! Been diabetic for 16 years and I have got Huel to gain a bit more control (I am a snacker) and it so interesting to see what results people have.

Thanks Guys