Type 1 Diabetic - New to Huel

Hey All,

I just started huel today! I am a type 1 diabetic, insulin controlled on a pump. I have been diabetic for 20 years. I tried my boyfriends huel for one day last year and my glucose levels were the most stable I’ve seen them in years.
I have been having lots of unstable sugars this past year and thought I would give huel a go, twice a day.

Today I had it at 6:30am my blood glucose level (BG) before food was 7.1

I took 4 units of insulin for 114g of Huel and half a teaspoon of banana flavouring (this is dependant on my own carb to insulin ratio and everyone is different so please calculate your own insulin intake with guidance from your diabetes team if need be).

9:30am BG: 7.8 (AMAZING)

I haven’t felt any any dips in my energy levels, which is an indication that I am going hypoglycaemic. Which I find very common with Toast and dare say it… Porridge with milk.

So far so good!!
Will keep updating my BGs should anyone be interested. So keep an eye out, and if there are any other type 1s out there on Huel let me know and share any tips!


Little update

BGs are going great

15:00 was 7mmol - had a banana

however I just felt a dip and tested : 4.1mmol with insulin on board…
not sure if I need to re-evaluate my huel to insulin ratio but will try a few more days at this ratio 10grams carbs to 1unit insulin and see how I fair.

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Really fascinating, keep us updated!


This is a graph of yesterdays glucose readings. As you can see it was near perfect the whole way. I had a spike at 10am after a coffee (pretty normal for me) but that dropped without the need for insulin thereafter. I didnt have ANY spikes after huel whatsoever but did have one after my dinner meal of pasta (7:45pm) spiked at 10:30pm.

So far so good! All any type 1 wants is to be in target (the green zone) and I pretty much hit that all day yesterday on my first day of huel. Very happy.


Very interesting; great stuff

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I’m so peidof you I’m type 2 but it’s very wird anything eat make me go up other then huel with small fruit or veg or coffe or lemon I’m surpluses be insulin but found my bs gos to be close normal when I have huel good luck keep ya posted


Hi - I’m also new to huel and type 1 diabetic! I’m using huel as part of my diet to lose a bit of weight at first (around 1 stone… just to cut body fat) and then hopefully bulk up in the gym.

I use 2units per 10g carbohydrate mostly, however I’ve noticed a bit of inconsistency when it comes to dosing with huel. Sometimes it seems to be fine as you’ve said - but the other day I was 7.1 when I started, then had huel with 8 units of insulin. 2 hours later I was 12.8!

I am using 3 scoops huel with 500ml water, however I’ve heard that measuring with the scoop is a bit inaccurate. Out of interest, do you weigh your powder or just use the scoops? Perhaps I should buy some scales and give that a go to see if it’s easier.

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I use a digital scale, the scoop for me is inconsistent so I prefer to be as accurate as possible to avoid any highs and lows! I have to say, my blood glucose levels have been the best I have seen in years these past few weeks. I have a check up with my diabetes team soon so I will be interested to hear their thoughts! I have lost 4 pounds too, I also want to lose about a stone and this is making very easy!

Do you use an insulin pump?

Thats excellent to read. I can imagine that the absorption rate of huel works really well for you as a type 2 diabetic. Are you on insulin, tablets or both can I ask?

As a type one, this is really incredible. There doesn’t seem to be sudden fluctuations in my blood glucose, I have had 1 hypo in 2 weeks (3 weeks ago I would have them almost daily), and my blood glucose hasn’t gone above 13mmol.

I will be mentioning all of this to my diabetes dietician and doctor, I’m looking forward to showing off my glucose results.


No Meds surpossed be on insulin but dos work for me as was born missing gland my brain that tells us we full so when eat soild food I can’t stop till sick my bs really high but with its comes down really quick in day or two and been coming down was 27 fast cople days ago now 18.6 today fast at 12 pm now 15.8 3 in 3 hours
The goal is to live of huel vlcd of 600-800 cals my drinks are 104 each manly decafe coffe but do add berries for teast I will do the vlcd to loss 9.9 stone need then when get goal will increase to what need to mantain it

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I’m quite an active person and I feel that an insulin pump would probably get in the way of a lot of stuff, so I’ve never quite fancied it personally.

I’ve bought some scales from Amazon so I’m gonna start measuring and giving that a go instead - I’ll let you know how I get on =)

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Great idea with the digital weighing of the Huel. Have a little digi scale and will use now, cheers:)

How are you finding it?

Ive been on and off Huel for a while, decided today will be my first day of committing to it full on!

I actually woke up quite high around 7.9 had a coffee, took some insulin and mixed up the huel, I spiked quite high, 15.1 to start with and then I felt it drop, oh wow! I really felt it. I seemed to have levelled out now, I just hope this isn’t going to be the norm, or if its my body getting used to it.

Guess my fingers are gonna get a little sore from all the checking Im gonna be doing.

I weight mine and maybe have scope less have later on it’s one if hungry good luck

Hi!! I’m type 1 and new to huel too! Are you on cellnovo? Your chart above looked like it! Hope it’s going well!!

Hi! I´m type 1 also, and was wondering if you have had this for dinner on it´s own and if it gets you through the whole night?
Thank you for your reply.

Best regards.


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