Going (almost) fully Huel

Hi, I suppose I should start with a bit of background, for years I have struggled with my weight and eating habits. I consistently overeat-to the point where I’ve almost overridden my body’s ‘stop eating signal’ my body just completly ignores it 98% of the time.

So I’ve decided to attempt going 100% huel, all except for Tuesday night’s, which are family dinner night’s. This will hopefully teach me to feel full again as I can say for sure that I have had what I need.

I will be documenting my journey on here, hopefully including weight loss and a general health improvement. It will be interesting to see if my asthma improves with having better nutrition. I already workout but I am going to try to increase my workouts to 4 or 5 times per week as I have been lazy lately.

Tomorrow I will start with a huel dinner as I’m away from home without my huel for the weekend, then on Tuesday I will aim for breakfast and lunch as huel.

Is there anyone who has done this before that has a few tip or tricks that got them through the first week or few days?
I am planning on using a vegan milk or water (essentially going vegan) as I recently bought chocolate soya milk to try and as silly as it seems it has made me realise how sluggish/blegh cows milk makes me feel.

I will update my weight on Tuesday morning but as of my last check my measurements are as follows


Good luck!

I found that cutting dairy out of my diet entirely made a huge difference to my asthma. Easy to do with Huel! I’d happily go fully Huel if I could get away with it, but I have to be sociable, so 2 out of 3 meals… :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m not sure I can go totally dairy free, family dinners on tuesday often involve cheese ext, but I will try to cut it out the remainder of the week and hope that helps, even if its not ideal. Considering how bad my current diet is anything should see an imporvement in my health.

Ok today was a massive fail, I woke up too late to even take my huel with me to college and my eating went haywire. Today I ate toast with nutella, ready salted crisps, galaxy cookie crumble, mince with mashed potatoes, sweetcorn, carrot and turnip, and some pastry. then came dessert of a chocolate cake and some ice cream.
had I stopped there I would have maybe been ok but I continued on to eat a bag of fruit gums.
Lesson well and truly learned because I feel awful and I’m so tired.

Attempt number two begins tomorrow with a big glass of water by my bed and I’m off to check if I have any frozen berries to make breakfast taste any better as I did attempt huel this morning but I couldn’t stomach the flavour pack and didn’t have time to make another.

Make it tonight. Stick in fridge

Good Idea, how long does it last outside the fridge do you know?

Hi Terri, I am sorry to hear that today didn’t work out as you had planned. But no worries, start with small steps and you will do fine. I also make my shake the evening before, it tastes even better when it’s cold. They recommend to consume it within 24hrs tho. Good luck!

Thank you, I will make breakfast in a little while then.
I’m definitely not giving up yet. however if I don’t keep myself accountable I will so I’m going to keep posting on this thread.

Depends on temperature. On a hot day in a car it won’t last long at all… At room temperature a few hours

Thank you, I’m in scotland, so hot days are not too big an issue here :joy: but I will use my insulated bottle if I’m going out for a longer period.

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I watched someone drink a U/U Huel made with just water which had been in a hot car at least 4 hours. It made me feel sick :nauseated_face:

I have drunk huel that has sat in a hot car a while… Wow… Rank.

I’ve twice drunk Huel that had been sitting around longer than I’d intended (unrefrigerated). It didn’t do me any harm, but it really wasn’t nice.

It’s never done me any harm, but it was so disgusting I couldn’t finish it…

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Terri, make sure you have good sleep patterns too, and consistent because that helps a lot.

Looking forward to your updates, Terri, I can relate to the struggle day, and the milk thing. Here’s to a new day :+1:

Ok, so I haven’t posted any updates, but I realise it has been a while.

So what happened? So far not much, I have had struggle sticking to it due to my timekeeping. There are morning that I dress and run out the door, so I need to get much better at premaking my huel the night before.

One thing I have discovered is that vanilla is not for me, it’s far to sweet and artificial tasting. So u/u it is. However this means that I have been trying to mix my huel with other things. As a result of constantly trying new combinations I am low on huel. So I will likely be ordering more tomorrow.

The to the weather getting colder now I don’t feel I will be using it as much as I was originally going to as I will be adding in more soups and hot foods. But I still aim to use huel regularly.

Are you at home now? If you are make it NOW and put it in the fridge for the morning, no excuses DO IT NOW!!! Lol.:grinning::grinning:

Do I sound like Arnie’s PPI advert, ’ DO IT NOW ’ he shouts lol