Going down from 170 kg - what to look out for?

I am 185 cm tall and weigh around 170 kg. There is quite a pack of muscles somewhere deep under that wobbly stuff, as I am regularly going to the gym and play american football, but it´s too wobbly at all.

So I need to lose weight (40-50 kg in total over time would be great) and maybe Huel is the way to go. Now, before ordering some packs of Huel I started with the “Guide to Fat Loss” and had a look at the calorie calculator and I think that can´t be really true.

When I enter my sizes, it tells me I need about 3.700 calories per day to keep my weight. This seems way too much for me. I don´t think I eat those many calories on any given day.

From my feeling, I think I should probably aim for 2.000 calories per day by Huel and maybe eat another apple or an orange or something like that, so I reach a deficit of 500 per day. But not go for 3.200 calories per day or something like that.

What are your ideas on this?

Anyone else went down from so much weight with the support of Huel? I just read about 125 kg and smiled. :smiley:

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Your BMR is around 3,000 (depending on calculation can be slightly higher) so this means because of your weight and height you burn around this many calories excluding your exercise. - N.B I put your age as 30 in this instance as it wasn’t mentioned.

I suspect you have marked that you are active as you state you go to the gym regularly so that’s probably why you’re up at 3,700.

See how you feel taking in 2,000 calories but you may find taking on a bit more will help with fatigue. So really eating your 2,000 through huel will give you a nice base diet and then treat yourself to a bit of what you fancy on the side maybe.

If you lost 50kg you’d still be 120KG which at 185cm is in the obese range of BMI. Looks like you’re going to have to be in it for the long haul!

At your weight I’d say 2000 is probably too small an amount of calories for daily activities. That’d be a hell of a shock for the body! Perhaps start at 2500 for a while and gradually work down to 2000?

I mean this is 6 months of work:


You are right, I´m 30 years old. And well, yeah, probably the sports do their part to the high value for the daily calories.

I know, 120 kg would be still very much, but I´m not sure how many one can lose without decreasing muscle ammount, strength etc. pp.

Those are some impressive and inspiring pictures and it´s probably a good idea to start higher and then work down on the calories. Did you do 100% Huel in those 6 months?

Just to clarify, those aren’t my pictures, they’re from Reddit :slight_smile:

As long as you eat a good amount of protein per day (150g+) and keep exercising the muscles, you’re unlikely to lose much lean muscle mass. I mean you’ll have less energy etc, but your muscle mass will remain. For American football though, I guess you’ll have less power the lighter you get purely due to weight going down.

My own weight loss journey took me from 107kg at my heaviest to a healthy 80kg where I sit now, although I have much more muscle mass and am a lot more fit. It took me around 8 months to lose 27kg if I remember correct, so quite a while. I did it as a competition in work, for which there was a cash prize for whomever list the most! I’m also 185cm, which is worth mentioning.

You could likely get down to 100kg and still have a bloody solid base for the sports you play, I.e muscle mass and power.

Check out /r/fitness on Reddit (Google it) for one of the best resources on weight loss around.

Thanks for the tip with /r/Fitness. There is some real quality content in there, need to look more into it.

Well, it´s no big problem if it takes some time. I know this won´t work overnight, but I think starting somewhere and starting now is more important. I will see where it leads me.

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