Good Friday

Hiya, if I place an order for the 2nd Apr will it still be delivered on the 3rd? Thanks :shushing_face:

That is a great question. I’m just checking in with the team to find out the answer for you. In short, no your package won’t be delivered on the 3rd as the 2nd the team won’t be working. But I will find out a more thorough answer for you! Bear with.

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So sorry for the delay, only just got the information from all our warehouses.

If you order after Thursday 1st April, your order will most likely be processed on Tuesday 6th April and then delivered in line with the courier (next day delivery in UK for example), since Friday and Monday aren’t working days and then this means there’s a 1 working day delay.

It’s possible you could get your order before, but most likely is that your order will be processed Tuesday.

Thank you @Tim_Huel. I’ve opted to change my subscription date to 31/03 so the delivery comes on 01/04. Thanks for the info though.

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