Cancel tomorrows delivery?

So i’m on a weekly subscription and was planning to cancel this weeks order as I still have enough to get me through another week but been so busy with work that I only just realized now I forgot to do it,is it too late to cancel it from being sent out and be refunded the payment already took from my account?

Give me a second Ben, I’ll try and track down where your parcel is and if we can cancel it!

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Thank you and if not it’s ok i’ll just cancel next weeks order but would be beneficial to me to have the money this week rather than a surplus of huel

That’s all been cancelled and I’ve put the refund through for you. This is sent to your bank immediately, so as soon as they’ve processed this, the money will be back with you.

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Thanks for taking the time out to do that and so quickly with the response,much appreciated and I look forward to trying out 2.0 with next weeks delivery!

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No problem!