Good start but headaches


I know that I have lots of salt - probably way too much - in my diet, so I doubt it’s that. In fact I need to cut down.


The water consumed with Huel will hydrate you. It doesn’t matter whether the water you consume is in food, in a beverage, directly from the tap, or in Huel; it has the same effect.


Just to follow up on my progress, after 1 week my headaches did stop. One of the reasons I started Huel was that food was banned in my work office. They have since lifted this ban and I went back to solid food. I liked Huel but it was quite a routine, making up enough for the day and cleaning everything up afterwards. The craving for solid food was too much for me.


Maybe you’re intolerant to one of the other ingredients, e.g. one of the vitamins or minerals?


I’ve been experiencing headaches with vanilla Huel too. I’ve tested it out to make sure it’s not due to other factors, also trying the unsweetened and unflavoured version - fortunately with no such adverse effects. My guess is that I’m sensitive to sucralose too.


I had my very first Huel on Saturday, in fact I had two, one for breakfast and another as an afternoon snack because I was starving. No headaches and no tiredness lulls. I’m a relatively healthy eater anyway so like others have said, it might be your body reacting to the lack of bad stuff you’re currently eating.


I was getting some mild headaches recently, until I started mixing in a small amount of sea salt. This makes sense because headaches are one of the known symptoms for sodium deficiency.


My slight headaches have returned. I’m now wondering whether it is the sucralose. I am going to conduct an experiment. I have cancelled my vanilla subscription and bought 2 bags of unflavoured, as well as a new pineapple and coconut flavour pack if I feel I need to add something to it. I still have more than 5 bags of vanilla remaining, so I can alternate between the two and see if there is any difference.


Thank you guys this thread has been very valuable to me. I’ve absolutely loved my 4 weeks of using huel but on my second order I decided to go for some Toffee flavoured sweetener.
I made no connection at first but having read these posts I have since experimented and made some pretty good observations I’d like to share.

About 3 days in to my third week of using fuel I developed a nasty cold ( first cold in two years ) no connection to huel as I am 100% sure it was the coughing and sneezing barber who trimmed my beard 3 weeks ago that so kindly past on the virus to me. That being said this cold is relevant to my huel experience.

As this cold persevered and I persevered with huel I began experiencing the odd minor dizzy spell. No big deal I thought, the virus is no doubt attacking my ears. Unfortunately though the dizziness got so bad as the days progressed that at times I had to lie down just to find some relief. This just persisted but what was weird about it was the inconsistency of the dizziness. If it was something like an ear infection why was I not dizzy all of the time?! Cue huel forum!

After reading about individual side effects of headaches and dizziness I decided to back track and make a huel diary. I remembered one specific very dizzy day I’d actually prepared 3 separate 500 cal servings of huel to take to my friends. I drank the first in the house and the other 2 through day. I remember on this day adding a little extra sweetner to the huel I packed up to take with me and I can say with confidence that as I consumed those two my dizziness was getting worse and worse. I made no connection at the time but I definitely for what ever reason had at least doubled the amount of sweetner I’d put in on prior occasions.

I only have a bag of vanilla left and am currently waiting for my unflavoured batch to arrive but I have since tried two days without huel or sweetner and was dizzy free for two days. I then tried the vanilla huel without toffee sweetener and experienced a very brief dizzy spell but it lasted minutes. Next toffee sweetener and I was dizzy for hours. I think that’s quite conclusive. Original huel for me and loving it.

Thanks troups.


So it was the Stevia?


Well I think it’s sucralose in the flavour pouches they sell. Having stopped with the added flavours and switched to original huel my dizziness has completely disappeared.


No, they use Stevia in the flavour pouches, but use Sucralose in the vanilla version.


Oh do they? Sorry man I got myself mixed up. I decanted the powder into a tub so I couldn’t have a look at the ingredients. Pity as I was looking for something to sweeten my huel with. I’ll stick with a wee spoonful of honey.
All I know was I was super dizzy when using the stuff and now I’m not. How are you feeling? How is the headache?


I’ve been experimenting with various combination, adding salt, etc. Still getting mild headaches sometimes…


Within 2-3 days of taking vanilla slight headache then day 7 and 8 severe! dizziness I feel like an absolute space cadet. I do suffer from allergies etc and think i may be sensitive to the Sucralose. do you think i should try the original one instead. How are you getting on with the original one now? Its a shame really coz i do love the vannila one :sob:


Hey mate Im also really! dizzy day 8 into the vanilla. feel really spaced out and dizzy Did you try the original version and if so how you getting on with that?


Hi Steven. Yeah since moving to original I’ve been absolutely fine. Dizziness cleared up almost immediately after stopping the vanilla.
I tend to add about a third of a banana to a shake. You’d be surprised how much flavour that add. I also bought some unsweetened choc powder which I’ll add with a drop of peppermint oil. Spoonful of 100% peanut butter is another good flavour bomb.
Hope your dizzy spells clear up mate. I empathise as I know how much it sucks.


I started with unsweetened and unflavoured. I had a mild headache. Put me off.


Thats interesting because I thought I was getting a headache overtime I had a flavoured one… Great observation I will stay clear for a few days and see what happens!


I’m new to Huel, this is my first week.
I’ve been having 2x3 scoops a day of unflavoured, gluten free.
I recently began with a persistent headache on day 7.
I don’t believe it is due to the flavourings, as I’ve only ever had the unflavoured.

On looking at the nutritional content, I noticed the iron levels are quite high.
Whenever I take an iron supplement I can come out in painful boils and swelling, so I’m careful to avoid iron supplements.

Could it be due to the build up of iron levels causing a type of ferric poisoning?
I really liked it for the first few days, but it’s extremely rare for me to have headaches, so I have no doubt it’s the Huel causing it.