Good start but headaches


There is no added iron in Huel. All is naturally occuring from the main ingredients and is all no-haem. Non-haem iron has a lower bioavailability, plus there is pytic acid and calcium both of which very significantly reduce the amount of iron absorbed.


Thanks James, that explains perfectly why the Huel iron content is high and is necessary.

It’s interesting what you mentioned about iron uptake inhibitors…after some further reading I realised I’d been drinking coffee and tea (with milk) all week whilst at work and also taking a vitamin D + Calcium supplement (Tea & Calcium both being iron inhibitors) and Vitamin B to keep energy levels high.
When at the weekend I had neither brew nor supplement…which is when the headache began.

I’ve always had cold hands and feet my entire life, so I must be slightly anemic, probably due to poor diet / low iron levels. Now that I’m actually having the correct amount of iron and nutrients, maybe it’ll just take some time for my body to adjust.

I’m not giving up on it yet, as I mostly felt great the first week, I had lots more energy than usual and there were no carb / insulin crashes.


Hi @freddydeeb - are you drinking other drinks in place of the tea at weekends?

The cold hands/feet might not be anaemia; there could be a number of other explanations.


Just chilled bottled water, probably about 1 to 1 and half litres per day. My tap water is highly chlorinated and fluorinated, so I usually don’t drink that because it tastes so bad…and probably isn’t too healthy anyway.


Just an update to say after continuing to eat Huel for a further two weeks, the headache didn’t ever reoccur. I’m putting it down to my body adjusting to receiving a higher vitamin & mineral intake than it was previously used to.

I now have clearer skin, more energy and better concentration levels…quite a life changer really…no need to ever binge on shit food because of lack of time.


For testing if stevia/sucralose/sugar cause headaches, perhaps add some of the pure chemicals into capsules, then do a blind study on yourself. This would help rule out a lot of factors involved when testing it out via Huel itself.


Huel with vanilla has sucrolose and stevia. There is such a thing as a sucrolose migraine. Look it up.


I guess headaches and dizziness are a side effect of stevia too.