Greetings from WDW Marathon Weekend

me and my bars made it. doing 5k+10k+Half

any fellow Hueligans around? :slight_smile:


Omg this actually looks incredible!! A disney themed running competition?! Sign me up. How did it go? What other disney themed antics where there?!


Yeah. 5K, 10K, Half, Full. Back to back, day after day. You get to run through the castle, through a lot of the parks before they open. They got DJs before, character photo spots, etc. It’s an amazing event - the only hard thing is those 2AM wake ups. :slight_smile:

I broke my routine (BE, and BE only) and brought a bag of Huel (non-Black? White? Standard? Classic?) with me in my hand luggage. Thankfully, US Customs didn’t check it, I only realized that it may be a bad idea to carry into the USA.

It was a challenge, but did my first Half ever @ 2:09 (after 5K and 10K the previous days), proud of myself, I believe a lot falls back on nutrition, so this is for you guys too! Thanks for creating Huel.

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