Grinding the powder?

I was shocked: apparently, someone grinds its powder before shaking it in liquid.

I just started but I wonder what kind of grinder one would use for that. So far I’ve just used my Blendjet 2 to make it and the texture seems ok.

That’s a blender, not a grinder :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know, but the only kind of grinder I have ever seen is the pestle and mortar kind so I’m a little confused about what an actual grinder would be like for this.

Something like this

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Wow that seems like a lot of work. :hushed:

Those are plentiful in my town.

This is a band I have a lot of time for:

I’m disappointed they aren’t using a pestle and mortar, before sieving it through a mesh less than a hundred microns thick to ensure consistency and offset their calorie intake with the extra effort. Where’s the commitment – seriously.


Ground Huel? Gruel?


Funny, I use Huel to get enough calories in, as a bulking drink, “huelking” :muscle:

Assuming they meant ground and not blended that would be effort! Maybe might make the flaxseed less gritty? But surely not worth the effort!!

Some people are sensitive to the texture of foods, clothing, pillow cases etc. Milling (the correct term, not grinding) the powder results in a much smoother shake.

If you already use a blender to mix your shake, milling the powder adds a whopping 30 seconds to the process. But it saves all the hours spend waiting for the thing to smooth up by leaving it in the fridge. So it’s good if efficiency if your thing - which it is for some of those same people affected by texture.

The post has to be for attention, cos if it was posted before someone ground it down further, they’d have asked the person saying they grind it further for recommendations, right?

No, you might read some comments on different treads saying that people grind their powder, and then, out of curiosity, create your own post asking for recommendations, so you might end up with different grinders recommended by users who use them.