Totally smooth blender result?

Hi all. Does anyone have a recommendation for a blender that can get a totally smooth result from Huel?

I have never tried the pre-mixed versions so I’m not sure exactly how smooth it can get, but I’ve tried pre-mixed Soylent and that is the kind of result I’m hoping for.

When I mix Huel in a shaker or in our cheap Breville blender I still get tiny flakes of oat in the resulting drink. It’s a bit like the result after blending raspberries where you still get bits of seeds.

For whatever reason I keep getting these tiny flakes stuck in my throat as I drink, and this is extremely uncomfortable! So I wonder if anyone has any recommendations, or conversely whether anyone using a high end blender (Vitamix and Blendtec are the names I’ve seen thrown around) can chime in on whether their Huel is completely smooth?

Nutri Bullet does it for me:

Got mine off eBay.

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It’s possibly not the oats but the flax seeds. I have an Optimum Froothie blender which is an Australian version of the Vitamix/Blendtec, and a little cheaper. It certainly does the trick, but I no longer blend Huel as I find for my personal taste the shaker works just fine on the texture. Those sorts of blenders are quite an investment if you are just using them for Huel, but they are very versatile if you want to use them for other things. I used to use mine nearly every day before Huel, for smoothies, soups, nut butters etc., but now I reckon once a week at most.

I’ve not tried a cheaper blender so maybe someone can comment on how good they are on the flax.

Thanks for the suggestions! Very well could be the flax, that would make sense. I suppose I would describe it as a general gritty texture to the drink. I actually don’t mind it either, mentally anyway. I don’t even mind any lumps that get through… but my throat just starts seizing up when it gets tickled the wrong way by the seeds!

This is the blender we have that doesn’t quite cut it (so to speak).

I use a Nutri Ninja, I only use a blender because I like to use ice but it does the job for me! Not sure how but the ice seems to make it so much nicer to drink.

I don’t reckon it’s the oats or the flax, both of which you can grind to a powder in a coffee grinder - and besides, flax goes smooth and gloopy when soaked. I’ve been thinking that it might be the coconut (and I know that the MCT is supposed to be spray-dried coconut oil or whatever, but the little chewy bits have the texture of coconut as far as I’m concerned).

Maybe try just shaking it and see if you prefer that?! I know it sounds counterintuitive but maybe slightly bigger and less gritty ‘lumps’ might irritate your throat less.
Also letting it soak (in the fridge) for 4-10 hrs makes it much smoother / softer