Had a funny dream last night


I dreamt about huel…i dreamt that i got all the ingredients online that is in huel and mixed it all together myself…then woke up wondering if thats possible…lol…is it?


Possible but some would be difficult to source, and getting the balance of the nutrient blend just right would almost certainly prove tricky. Best leave it to the pros.


Are those the mates of @coup who hang around the dockyards of Plymouth? The mysterious blend they have to offer is definitely unique…not sure of the nutritional quality mind you.


Is spotted dick nutritional? There apparently giving it away as a freebie…


With thick custard?


Easy to tell when the weekend has started around here - out come the usual suspects and their innuendos.


you want spotted dick in your end yo?


Did you visit Plymouth on your last trip to the mainland?


Does every forum work like this? Each and every thread gets hijacked and madness and chaos ensue.


Everything seems fine here Wendy. Maybe it’s you who is going mad?


No. I’m on the Monzo forum which also uses Discourse software.




You mean, you have forgotten our encounter, I was the bearded lady you were keen on?




were you the one with the saggy tits?


BOYS! Behave!


I was when you and your mate turned up.


I’m a laydee!