Has anyone taken Huel on holiday?

I’m planning on going to Bali next week and I wondered if anyone had packed Huel and taken it with them?

If so, any problems?

My friend took it to Rio 2 weeks ago - no problems

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Guessing I might be the only person on Huel in South Sudan at the moment. Got it in no problem.
(And business, not holiday obvs).


This is a question that interests me as well - I’m training as a Merchant Mariner, and I might have found a niche application for Huel when i am onboard ship; several times I came off a navigational watch at midnight or 4am, starving hungry, and the galley was locked up for the night, leaving me no alternative but to go hungry.

I have seen some hilarious photographs of gym-going people taking protein supplements in ziplock bags on holiday, having marked the outside with “Protein Powder - 2KG - Vanilla - NOT COCAINE!”.

If there are going to be no awkward questions when I am travelling with Huel, then this is good news indeed. Thanks for the positive feedback so far.

I’ve not tried flying with it, but recently been on retreat with my trusty HUEL bottle & supply for the weekend. Although meals were provide there, my anxiety that i have in regard to not getting enough to eat, meant I took it as a back up plan, hence the stash.
Gutted on my return home when i unpacked & realised my HUEL bottle was missing! The last time i saw it, was on the desk in my room & i was going to mix up a batch for the journey home but clean forgot! … Obviously I must’ve gotten enough to eat!
I’ve been lost without it, its a neccessary part of the kit, nothing works quite as well :frowning:
So make sure you’re better at packing when you come home than i am!

When I’ve flown before I’ve decanted all my various supplements in to a weekly pill pack & not been challenged thankfully, as I’ve wondered whether I would be believed that the mass of various types sizes colours of pills were all only herbal or vitamin mineral supplements!

Happy Holidays :sunglasses: xx

Just flown for the first time with it yesterday. Was a new pouch. Survived the rough and tumble of the baggage handlers!

Just come back from a holiday where I took a bag of Huel, hand blender, large jug and a water bottle. No problems at all at xray or customs.

Lasted about three days on Huel but then the local cuisine took control :wink:

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I’ll be going to a music festival in The Netherlands and plan to eat mostly Huel while I’m there. Will update on whether security made an issue uit of it, bu I’m most concerned about people stealing the bag from my tent!

I have taken it with me to China from England, and from China to England, no troubles, also flown it with me all over China.

The TSA in the States has just updated their rules around powers in hand luggage and are asking others to follow their lead. Australia has already so it’s worth checking before you go, lest your Huel be confiscated.

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I took Huel on holiday. We had a lovely weekend in Skegness.


Sounds like a lovely hueliday.

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:joy::joy::joy: hunzas

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And it seems UK customs are going to follow the US and Australia too.