Has huel ever been independently tested?

I’ve been using huel for a short while and I’m doubtful about its claims regarding macros. The drink is supposedly 500 calories with a decent amount of carbs yet my body is very quickly burning fat after drinking it as if I haven’t eaten or have had food with a very low amount of carbs.

I can only think it’s because it’s not solid food but it’s just strange that I react the same way to this as if I’ve barely eaten :thinking:

How on earth do you know your body is “burning fat very quickly”?

Your body will burn fat reserves depending on caloric deficit, if you’re “burning fat very quickly”, eat more.

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Sounds crazy but ketones on breath. I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for a while, it becomes pretty obvious.

Change in diet possibly?

"Protein Excess
A second possible cause of ketosis breath isn’t directly linked to the breakdown of fat as a fuel source.

Instead, it is a side issue caused by typical changes to the diet. As those on keto diets try to minimize the consumption of carbohydrates, so the diet is often filled with other constituents; most typically fat and protein.

A diet that is high in protein can have two impacts on breath. Firstly, the breakdown of protein in the body produces ammonia; this can lead to urine or breath smelling particularly strongly. If your breath has started to smell like a cat litter tray while on a ketosis diet then this may well be your culprit!

Standard bad breath is most commonly caused by bacteria in the mouth. This bacteria breaks down its food, producing volatile sulphur compounds (“VSCs”).

It is interesting to note that studies suggest that the most common source of VSC production is the breakdown specifically of protein, as opposed to other food sources. Higher protein diets, especially in the absence of suitable oral hygiene, can also therefore impact one’s breath."

There’s physically no way Huel couldn’t contain a large amount of carbs - It’s over 50% oats.


By ‘Independantly’, if you mean do we send Huel off to accredited labs, yes?

What do you mean by ‘quickly burning fat after drinking it’?

You might be loseing weight quicker than previously thought because you may have actulaly previously been having a great amount of calories than you previously estimated. it’s easier to count calories with Huel.

Also, Huel’s proportionally higher protein content allows for a greater rate of thermogeneis.

There is no way you’d be ‘keto’ on Huel, though.