Calorie deficit weigth loss, strange breath

Hi everyone,
Since a week I am on a Huel (and competators) based diet of around 1800 calories a day, while my TDEE is 2444, combined with intermittent fasting. I have been using Queal for about a year for one or two meals a day and dinner was usually provided by my former job. I was not specifically unhappy with Queal but I saw the ad for H&S and wanted to try something else and ordered some bags of White while I was at it. For my next order, I will also try out the RTDs and the bars, now I’ve found the option to purchase just a single bottle or a single box hidden on the checkout page.
My current regime (going eight days strong) is:
breakfast: bulletproof coffee (1 cup of black coffee with 12g of vegan or regular butter blended in it). This helps stave off the need to eat for 2-3 hours.
Followed by four portions of 400 cal in an eight hour time frame, and usually a 100cal snack. This should amount to 1800 and I take care to use my kitchen scales.

I do not have a specific target weight as I have gained both a lot of muscle and a lot of fat since the last stable weight I was happy with and the TDEE FAQ assures me to try this amount for four weeks before making changes. To get my BMI back from 26 to under 25 would be great, as would losing some centimeters around my waist and hips, so I took start measurements of these, too, and will check again in three weeks. Weighing myself too much does not generally make me happy and I dislike the strong effect a number on the scales can have on my mood for the rest of the day.

The main thing now is not digestive, as I was already used to complete liquid meals. I do have a strange taste in my mouth a lot, even during the eating window, similar to longer fasts. The internet suggests ‘keto breath’ but I cannot possibly fanthom I’m in ketosis all the time with this diet. It does not bother me a lot but I wouldn’t want scaring people off with bad breath. I have generally good dental health, including flossing and occasional tongue scraping. Has anyone experienced the same? Any tips?

Hey there,

Based on your calorie intake and likely carb intake, I’d suggest you’re not in ketosis and that’s not the cause. The most common cause of bad breath is an inadequate dental routine. The best thing to do is check-in with your dentist.