Newb with a plan/Keto: any thoughts?

Dear all,

I need to lose about 4st. I have the vanilla Huel Black.

In terms of weightloss, my plan is to turn the Huel Black keto using 50% dessicated coconut for breakfast and lunch (1 scoop of each) and then eat super low carb for dinner.

Would that work? My understanding is that keto is best for quick weight loss. As I have quite a bit to lose, could do with a jump start.



Hi I lost 5 stones (32 kg) over the space of 1 year. I was initially losing 1 kg per week out of necessity but then decided to slow the pace down as I did not want to lose too rapidly as I felt that was as unhealthy for me as keeping the weight.

I did this mainly with 60-70% Huel usage, initially by using RTD for a couple of months before switching to powdered meals all coupled with light cardio exercises.

No specific diet programme followed other than voluntarily massively cutting my usual alcohol and carb intake and cutting refined sugars altogether.

To make the powdered meals more interesting I started by adding chopped frozen fruits to them in a blender but now mostly just use dried ingredients and flavour boosts – occasionally using frozen dark cherries as they have a very low calorie/fat impact to the meal.


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That’s an amazing loss - well done! Keeping off the alcohol is going to be tricky for me.

I’ve just totally confused myself with reading about IF, macros, carbs and everything. I know it’s as easy as calories in/calories out but there always seems to be ‘something else’ that’s the magic trick to all of this.

I tried one of the RTD and really couldn’t get past the taste. I quite like the powdered black vanilla though.

I also combine Huel with some receipts from creativevegancooking, mostly smoothies. Maybe you’ll find it useful. Anyway, good luck!