Squizzles Revenge

Hey everyone,

I tried this before but I wasn’t quite ready for it. I failed miserably, very quickly. I am now posting this thread after being able to sustain a deficit since January 1st, believing time is right now.

I ended up gaining very much weight second half of 2018. From about 108 kg to 118.

Purpose of thread is accountability to reach my goal weight of 80 kg. I will be eating Huel as well as solid food; most good (hopefully) but some bad food is ok as long as I stay within my calorie budget.

Height: 185 cm

Weight January 1st: 118 kg
Last Weigh-In February 5: 108.2 kg


I thought you said you was selling your Huel


He’s only selling flavoured versions…hardcore u/u


Ah I see, not tried u/u yet might get a bag next, if I can actually get it delivered to a drop off shop… :roll_eyes:

Yeah, unopened ones (so… half ish) + no one bought yet.
Plan to use KetoGenesis when my Huel stock is used up

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So are you intending to stop consuming huel entirely and move to ketogenesis?

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I won’t order Huel until things are fair. Once that happens, I absolutely would.

Keto is mainly for weight loss intents, thus temporary. After that, I’ll go back to Huel, or GlycoGenesis (or something else if it looks interesting). I’ve grown to depend on this type of food in my daily life. No going back :blush:

While Keto can certainly help to lose weight, I do not think it is necessary. Furthermore, you will add an extra stress point (which can be a motivating factor or a downside) since you will have to move to a “demanding” diet.

If you do not intend to keep this for long, and you are only doing it for weight loss, why not stick to caloric deficit methods (with Huel) ?


I don’t think it’s necessary either. I’ve lost weight in the past using both keto and calorie counting, they both work (for me). And while I am careful starting to ban certain foods (easily backlashes), I think keto would help me eat cleaner. I’ve lost some weight now, usually eating one solid meal a day, problem is that meal tends to be terrible (fast food, frozen tv dinners)… while it doesnt matter much stricly in terms of weight loss, it doesnt make me feel well and it does trigger me (ED) - especially white bread. I guess I am just experimenting to see what makes it as smooth as possible. The biggest advantage to keto as I see it is that cravings completely vanish (largely hunger as well).


Well, good luck.

It is true that certain foods trigger bad habits. Bread is just a killer for me. Can’t resist it. Do whatever you find the best for you, certainly!


Good luck, Eric. What I am doing is working well for me so I hope your chosen method works well for you :grinning:


Day 29

Weight 112.0 kg (-6.0 kg)

Going well still. Having Huel as planned for breakfast and lunch most days.


cant wait to see you going down the 110 barrier!

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Day 35

Still alive and kickin’
Weight: 110.6 kg (-7.4 kg)


You should’ve made sure to go to the toilet before weighting yourself :wink:

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Day 36

Weight: 108.2 kg (-9.8 kg)

Food (1731 kcal)

  • 1/2 Twenny Bar
  • 125g Huel
  • Lidl Pizza

Activity (2500~ kcal)

  • 2901 steps :roll_eyes:

Did reduce my salt intake past 2 days (been a little too high) + first cardio in week so this is very likely much water loss. I expect a bump from this, but this did help me boost my motivation still.

@Latestfuels or maybe I went to do my toilet business! LOL

@jeffy89 lending your design partially! :hugs:


TWENNY??? :scream::scream::scream:

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I know, I know :see_no_evil:
But, it suits me because it’s (almost) 400 calories at the same price as Huel bars. I want to use them as meal replacements. I’d have to eat 1.5-2 Huel bars for that and well, it’s expensive and I’m a student! :frowning:


No shame on having different things in the cupboard.



Had never heard of these. Sound like they’d be perfect for my girlfriend. Thanks for name dropping! :slight_smile:

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