Heating up Huel, flaxseed allergy


I got excited about the idea of Huel and decided to order up only to get disappointed that I was allergic to it! It’s because of these cursed Birch trees in Finland and I’ve gotten the Oral allergy syndrome. I get the symptoms from apples, pears, carrots all the usual stuff… as well as apparently flax-seeds.

So knowing that I can eat cooked apple no problemo and I actually already read somewhere that a person had the exact same problem than me and he ended up microwaving the stuff. I did the same no problem all of a sudden.

However a lot of people are saying “NooooOOOooo don’t heat the stuff up it’s ruined and gets oxidated(?)!!” so opinions on this? Really wanted to find a easy way to eat in university life. Ohh and I’m allergic to soy too, so not really too many options on the food powder market.

Allergy is nothing huge to say just some irritating plumper lips and bit of a sore throat. However Wikipedia article says that you should still avoid foods that cause it.

What do?

Cheers Everyone

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Hiya, I know this probably isn’t what you want to hear but please please please don’t ever knowingly eat something you are allergic too. Even if it’s what you consider mild symptoms especially as you get throat irritation and swelling these things can escalate at ANY point and become life threatening.
Everyone is different and I get what your saying about heating it up but please please don’t . An allergy is an allergy because it causes a very specific response in the body that can very quickly become life threatening.

Hope this helps

I would not heat up Huel above 60degrees C. Protein will start denaturing around 69+ and other ingredients will suffer too.

Also, I need to agree with the advice of not consuming meals you know you are allergic too.

As for alternatives, you have Nutberg (It is OK to replace one or two meals but not the best tasting) which uses nut oils and no soy; Kuik (although I don’t think they deliver outside ESP, FRA yet) , YFood a german RTD brand which is going to be more expensive but the taste is good (they use canola oil and whey, non vegan) or Lently ( uses rapeseed oil).

You can check my reviews on Yfood, Nutberg and Kuik if you need more info.

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Yup, I guess I should take it a bit more seriously.

However heating the food is the thing that removes the symptomps completely. It changes the protein in the food somehow so my body does not regocnise the structure or something Wikipedia explains it well.

I guess I just gotta heat the stuff up. Regardless off loss of nutrition etc… wonder is it truly that huge of an amount?


Ok, please re read my response. It’s incredibly irresponsible to your self to eat something you are knowingly allergic too. See an expert before putting your life in the hands on Wikipedia please.

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Yes I read it but I mean Oral Allergy Syndrome comes from the protein in the food. Cooking it up destroys the protein structure making it okay to eat. Can eat apples etc… All, no problem if it has in some way been heated.

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It’s actually not I’m afraid, please read up or get medical advice, it’s related to pollen.

Quote from that article you posted:
" Managing Your Symptoms
If you have symptoms of OAS, avoid eating these raw foods, especially during allergy season because in many patients, OAS worsens during the pollen season of the pollen in question. One way to reduce cross-reactions with food is to bake or microwave the food because high temperatures break down the proteins responsible for OAS. Eating canned food may also limit the reaction. And, peeling the food before eating may be helpful, as the offending protein is often concentrated in the skin."

I’ve read up on this earlier been eating oven baked apples all my life. Thank you for your concerns.


Welcome. My concerns come from personal experience:)

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Please don’t comment on stuff you’re not knowledgeable in. This is already a tough allergy to deal with because not many people have heard of it.

Cooking these foods does help 99 percent of the time.

Humans have been cooking food for thousands of years. Stop spreading pseudo science.

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