Flaxseed allergy

I have a question regarding the use of flaxseed in the product and wonder whether the HUEL team are aware of allergies to flaxseed in particular "oral allergy syndrome " and if they would consider an alternative or produce a powder without it?

How common is this allergy? Huel can’t avoid every allergy.

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Unfortunately virtually all foods have a limited number of people allergic to them. The UK and EU list 14 categories of allergens which are relatively common, flaxseed is not one of them. https://www.food.gov.uk/sites/default/files/top-allergy-types.pdf

I’ve just checked this page and they say that flaxseed is not a “commonly involved in PFS reactions” - https://www.allergyuk.org/oral-allergy-syndrome/oral-allergy-syndrome

Having said that we are aware of the flaxseed allergy and we are sorry but to remove all potential allergens is impossible, there are simply too many. For example, I had no idea until recently that people are allergic to apple, banana, figs, etc, etc, and that is just fruit. http://www.foodallergens.info/Allergenic_Foods/Fruit.html

Yeah, I know people with allergies to all sorts of things: Kiwi fruit, onions, latex.

No-one had allergies in my day…dunno where they’ve all come from… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the reply Julian. Unfortunately I will have to throw away my recent purchase as it wasn’t until I had my first shake that I’ve found our Flaxseed causes OAS in me. I usually only got it with cherries, soya products and just hazelnuts hence why I brought the product, it’s a shame as I was looking forward to being able to use huel as a food replacement when I was flying.

Check out some of Huel’s competitors. Some of them don’t include flaxseed. I prefer Huel for nutritional reasons, but if it’s just for plane flights, then I don’t think that would matter much. Although for flying, I personally use bars instead of powder, as they don’t require lots of water and they’re easier to deal with when on a plane.

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Thanks , although I wanted Huel for its nutritional value too as I train in the gym ,work shifts and across time zones and eat at irregular times therefore is important to me to get a nutritionally balance meal which is hard to find in my job :grimacing:
I might try making cookies or muffins with it as sometimes the cooking process can neutralise some allergens. :thinking:

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Found a way to neutralise the flaxseed allergen … by placing the powder in the microwave for 2mins on high.
Once it’s cooled down make up as a shake as per normal and no reactions! :blush:


Be aware that heating like this may somewhat affect nutrient content of the Huel. The most susceptible vitamin to this is vitamin C, and Huel has a good amount of vitamin C over the RDA, so it shouldn’t be a problem, but just be aware.


Here is a webpage which shows some of the potential allergens in Huel :

Nuking for 2 minutes–I’ll give that a try. I don’t know what exactly is causing my small bowel irritation, but flaxseed was never in my diet before and the bloating suggests fiber is a possible issue for me. Besides, if it works, it means I can still have Huel without adjusting my waistband after lunch.
Incidentally I’m allergic to curcumin, but that’s easily avoided by choosing my flavor boosters carefully.

Yup. I’m allergic to bananas and figs. And latex. Apparently they are all related and contain the same protein that causes the allergic reaction!

Doh! Someone revived a 3 year old thread and I’ve just joined in :laughing:
I didn’t notice the 2017 date until after I’d posted.
Never mind. Allergy talk is way less scary than the current major topic of conversation.
Let’s all talk bananas and avoid thinking about coughing…

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Ah, 2017… I remember thinking how shit things were and how they were bound to get better.

I bought some bananas today. Seemed to be a bit of a rush on.

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In 2017 I was having a shit year and my wife said “things can only get better”…I could list many things that have got worse since then and few that have improved. Always look on the bright side.

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