Huel without flaxseeds

Will there ever be a plant based, low carb, healthier alternative to the current Huel products without flaxseed? If not can you recommend a competing such product?

I know the negative side effects of flaxseeds are a sensitive subject in the Huel community and I don’t have the expertise to determine which scientific results to trust.

Still I think you should consider the commercial aspects of exchanging flaxseeds with something that is not said to affect cyanide or testosterone levels.

Also I think you should make the ingrediense list easier to access and explain all ingredienses that are not natural. Also the word “aroma” is a red light for me, because it’s sometimes used as a code word for unhealthy ingredienses that can affect the brain in a negative way.

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If you look in Articles section of the Guides & Articles page - there are many articles explaining all the ingredients, how they are produced and why they were selected. There is also a full nutritional profile for each product on its own product page in the main sites store.

Hey there, thanks for your questions.

We cover this really well in the article linked, the short answer is neither are an issue. There’s a summary and more in depth version if you’re interested:

We do this too! You can see an overview of our ingredient choices here (v3.0 as an example) and a more in-depth look at which nutrients are natural and why here.


I wonder about flaxseed myself–the powder bugs my stomach if I have it more than two meals in a row, but the hot & savory is okay as long as I let the brown seeds fall to the bottom of the soup. I have no idea about cyanide or testosterone, but the occasional stomach fuss aside I feel better on Huel than I do on regular food. It’s not fiber itself that bugs me–I just ate a half cup of cooked barley with no problems.
The ingredients are here on the site–do you need a link?