How much of each ingredient is in Huel/100g?

Topic. I cant find this information, anyone knows?

This is like asking KFC what their secret formula is…

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It’s chicken, fried in a Kentucky style

Uhm, murdered chickens and fat+sugar (probably some spice also)?

Mostly interested in amount of flaxseed anyway

What I’m saying is, you’re asking a company for their unique recipe.

Why on Earth would they reveal the precise amounts to you? You could then simply make your own competing product.

Are you looking for the flaxseed content because of the whole estrogen myth?

Shhh, don’t encourage them…

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Was just trying to nip it in the bud… Get ready for it for the 1008314th time!

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No it’s not about the estrogen, I am not worried in the slighest about that lol


Soylent does

The key is deep frying under pressure, some considerable time after the murder, no doubt though hopefully not long before disposal of their corpses via a hybrid mechanical & chemical process so horrific that it must surely be illegal under international law.

Is this another query about cyanide? Only I think I read you mention being Swedish & this issue has come up a few times always from a Swede, all iirc which is unlikely.

If that is your concern, keep an eye on the following thread as James mentions he’ll be linking to an article on this subject: Ground flaxseed and cyanide

Hi there, great to hear you are intrigued about the contents of Huel! We are very transparent about the ingredients and the nutritional profile of Huel, however won’t be able to tell you everything about it. To be fair the main ingredients you could likely work out from published data on ingredients and our macronutrient profile. It would just be things like the flavour system and micronutrient blend that are more technical.

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