Huel Black / flaxseed / women’s hormones

Does anyone know how much flaxseed is in actually in the huel black?

I’ve recently trialled just having the huel black for all meals throughout the day and I am having breakthrough bleeding.

A part of me is wondering if it is the flaxseed content as I know that can affect your hormones and act like estrogen but how much flaxseed is in one 100gram serving of huel?

Flaxseeds don’t act like estrogen.

Myth: Ingesting Flaxseed Phytoestrogens Can Alter Testosterone Uptake

Concern has been raised that the ingestion of phytoestrogens could alter or inhibit the uptake of testosterone or exhibit pro-oestrogenic effects, particularly in males. However, as discussed earlier, these claims are unfounded.

The consumption of phytoestrogen from flaxseed does not appear to affect sex hormone metabolism in males or females, principally due to the phytoestrogens from flaxseed being lignans rather than isoflavones

Could be…well, a lot of things.

Hey Tracy,

I’m really sorry to hear this. We can’t give away the exact amount of flaxseed in Huel Black but the amounts from one serving is unlikely to cause issues.

Do you mind if I ask if you are on any medication or have any medical issues? Feel free to answer this over a private message. You’re best to send this message to @JamesCollier because this is more his area and this is my last day at Huel.

Hi @tracy24582

We can’t give the exact amount of any ingredient, but I can say that there’s around 20g of flaxseed powder per serving, depending on the flavour. Flaxseed shouldn’t affect your hormones for the reasons described here.

Let me know if I can help further.

Hi @JamesCollier, just read your report and the bit about kids was worrying. When my granddaughter (aged 2) comes to visit and I just happen to be having my v3 huel she goes daft. If i dare to put it down for a second she swipes it up and helps herself. She is only having a very small amount but I do not wish to harm her in any way. She then asks for " more" and gets me her straw cup. This is a child that will not drink fluids since my daughter stopped feeding her. :baby_bottle::cup_with_straw:

Hi @vsc

If you meant the bit about children and the EFSA and lead issue, this was massively misinterpreted by the UK media and there is absolutely no reason to be concerned.

We don’t recommend Huel products for kids under 4. This is due to the vitamin and mineral levels. However, a few mouthfuls not and again is unlikely to be anything to worry about.

Ok great James. i thought the uk media could be there somewhere behind the comments. I’ll continue to let her have the occasional sips as she really loves strawberry and cream especially the rtd.

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There were times when I worried a lot about ingredients…then I realized that most people just eat what they like, even it is the last junk you can imagine - that is much more harmful. But they don’t think about it - we order something that is backed up by some research and contains only natural, high quality ingredients, and worry whether there is too much of this or thatt one ingredient…isn’t that a bit “weird”?