How many grams of Flaxseed is in a 400cal serving of Huel?

I’ve seen a study that states the recommended amount is 30 grams for men? I’m not to worried about the phytoestrogens, I’m only eating Huel once a day to save money on lunch. It still would be useful to know however.

It’s a while since I remember anyone asking that and the answer previously was a variable amount averaging 12g per 100g of Huel - that may have changed since then.

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We don’t disclose the amounts of individual ingredients as that’s part of our recipe.

Why did the study recommend 30g? I presume it was to do with phytoestrogens and testosterone but this isn’t an issue.

You can find out more here.

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As you have written the figure of the flaxseed, expect to receive a visit from 2 black suits.

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hahaha - that was the amount James quoted for v2.3 - who knows what mysteries v3 holds. Not me thats for sure. On a side note, here’s the 11 herbs & spices used in KFC’s (not) Secret (anymore) Recipe

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I use this mix whenever I make fried chicken. It’s flavourful with a good amount of heat. Definitely worth a try! I’m sure it would work just as well with meat substitutes.

Actual chicken from KFC tastes different but that’s probably because they add MSG. Here’s a quote from the KFC Original Recipe Wikipedia:

They also claimed that with the addition of MSG as a flavor enhancer, they could produce fried chicken which tasted “indistinguishable” from fried chicken they had purchased at KFC.

There are probably myriad things KFC add to their chicken outside of the mix of 11 herbs and spices – none of which you’d probably want to know about :smile:

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oh man i got so fat eating fries from a chicken shop… with the special sauce too… its Full of crap.

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