Hello from Milano! :) - My journey diary


I agree about the clothes expense !

Gradually my wardrobe is filling with newer slimmer clothes … !!


Must be a plot between Huel and clothes stores! :joy:


Today after months of use I had my first Huel on the road! I had to stay out all day for an event with a no-profit I volunteer for, so instead of eating junk food I opted to take my Huel with me. :slight_smile:
Great energy! :blush:


Oh, I was thinking some more about how you could make Huel warmer without it clotting :smile: - but you don’t like coffee, do you? Still, up to a point, you can add hot liquid to Huel that you’ve already made, and it warms it up without thickening it.


Nice idea. I do like coffee, but I can’t drink it especially for dinner.

I can with other liquids, like herbal teas.


Just adding a already made teas should work. If you have unflavoured Huel, you can go as far as adding warm vegetable soup (the ones with low calories).

What did you add to the Huel on the picture?


That was made with mint syrup and choco flavdrops, because it’s the one I like most and I knew after hours of work at the gazebo I needed something good. :slight_smile:
(For the same reason I moved my saturday pizza to yesterday dinner, after a full day of mounting the stand, lot of pr and asking for donations, and then unmounting the stand, I needed it :smiley: )


I was curious because of the coloured bits. Brands of choice?


Those are the usual lycopene in Huel, plus instagram filter :slight_smile:


:joy: Sure makes it look fancy!


Sounds exhausting. But lots of fun.


Well it’s not exactly my idea of fun :stuck_out_tongue: But we raised some money and some contacts. :slight_smile:


My dirty mind was at work again. Triggered by the word mounting. Doesn’t take much!


Well, there was a very hot girl in the red cross stand next to ours…but let’s not investigate further. :smiley:


Ah! So I may have picked up on what statement analysts refer to as “leakage” then!!


Maybe, but a lonely one sadly. :joy:


Did they have a heater in the Red Cross stand ?
Or did she have a big coat on ?

This weather it’s rare to be hot !!


Maybe she was ill and had a high temperature…


No you know, it’s because with all that mounting, you get hot. :smiley:


Menopause maybe as well???