Day One [will potentially include other days]


Today has been my first day of Huel. I thought I’d outline my goals and initial experiences. First of all, I know that many of you enjoy reading “journal” type threads, with many updates. Unfortunately, I have the self discipline of a cheese sandwich, and so this won’t be that kind of thread. I’ll let you guys know if anything major changes, for good or ill, but I can’t commit to daily updates! With that said, let’s begin.

Why I Huel

I know Huel isn’t Slimfast for nerds. You guys know it, too. It’s not a weight loss product, it’s food. That said, it certainly takes the guesswork out of calorie counting and portion control; and this element of certainty allows me to easily maintain a calorie deficit while still getting all my necessary vitamins, minerals, beneficial phytoproteins (those are words, right?), and stuff.

I am 190cm tall, and currently weigh 118kg plus change. That puts me squarely in the upper end of “overweight” on a BMI chart; and while I know that BMI has about as sound a reputation as voodoo; I can’t help but notice the spare tyre I’m carrying around with me everywhere; nor the fact that my general levels of fitness are absolutely abysmal.

With my present level of physical activity - essentially limited to wandering around the workshop and occasionally cutting, filing or welding something - I did a little bit of semi-educated guesswork and decided that a diet of 2000 calories a day would enable me to lose about 1kg per week. I intend to sustain this for twenty weeks, with the ultimate goal of weighing somewhere between 95 and 100kg. This is my “fighting weight”, I think; and I’d be happier and healthier overall.

To this end, I’m consuming two Huels a day; each consisting of three scoops. This gives me 1000 calories to play around with for my evening meal; where I intend to gorge myself silly on steamed fish, rice, raw salads, all that business. Wholesome food.

Calorie deficit is 70% of the story, but some level of physical exercise is vital to the art of living well. To this end, I intend to join the local sports and social club; and participate in their internal squash league. I love squash. Haven’t played it in nearly six years, but that’s besides the point! I’ll sign up for the league when I get paid next month; and plan to engage in at least one vigorous match per week.

When I get down to my target weight, I also intend to take up judo. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but have always felt vaguely embarrassed to do with a body like mine.

In short, I’m dragging myself to health; kicking and screaming. And Huel is going to help me get there.

Went The Day Well?

Well, yes. I prepared my shakes with a blender last night, and stuck them in the fridge in readiness for today. I bought two pouches of O.G. Vanilla Huel, and two pouches of Vanilla Huel 2: Electric Boogaloo. For those who have no idea what I meant there, that’s two pouches of Original Vanillla, and two pouches of New and Improved. Today, I sampled the Original.

The good news is that the flavour problem which seems to have affected some batches has not affected mine. No weird metallic taste, no farty smell, no taste of burning plastic. I didn’t expect any issue, to be honest. My impression of Huel as a company is that they genuinely care about customer satisfaction and listen closely to the feedback given here on the forum. If there ever was an issue, I can confirm that it has been sorted.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure that the unaffected, intended flavour is my cup of tea. Er, shaker of Huel. You know what I mean. I didn’t like it, is what I’m saying.

My immediate thought upon drinking my morning concoction was caveat emptor. I shouldn’t have placed such a large order without first making sure I liked it. I simply wasn’t anticipating how cloyingly, sickly sweet it would taste! Combined with a vaguely slimy, thin, cold, watery texture; I was left dreading my second helping.

Look, I know most people like sweet flavours and the sensation of drinking cold beverages. I don’t. I have a savoury tooth so pronounced that I wish to be reincarnated as a horse so that I can enjoy the salt lick the farmer will put in my field. Prior to starting this diet, I would maybe consume chocolate once a month. My favourite two flavours in life - the apex of my palate - are espresso coffee and strong tobacco. In retrospect, it should have been obvious that I’m not the target market for Vanilla.

This isn’t a Huel problem. This is a dolerocket problem. The worst thing is that this is a quality product, and would be absolutely delicious if it wasn’t for the temperature, sweetness, and pronounced Vanilla flavour. So next month, I’m getting myself four pouches of Unflavoured and Unsweetened, and drinking it at room temperature. I might even add salt to it. Fight me.

That leaves me with a month’s supply of vanilla to tough out, and it says a lot about this product that I’m willing to go the journey. There’s a delicious meal lurking under all that sweetness - sort of oaty and satisfying, like the thin porridge your grandma would make you when you were a poorly little boy. It’s filling - you’re drinking pints of a thick liquid, after all - and I only once felt the urge to eat something else. I went to the canteen and got myself a nice bowl of lettuce. It was more of an urge to chew something, to crunch something, rather than actual hunger that moved me. I’m certain that such cravings will fade with time.

So yeah, I’m doing it. Even though I’m not the biggest fan of the flavour I bought, I believe in this product and I believe in my goals. I’m not sure what the future holds for me, but I do know one thing for sure: if anything interesting happens from now, I’ll be sure to write about it here.

Thank you!


I can recommend mixing Vanilla with Unflavoured, 50/50 - that’s what I do and the sweetness is about right. The Berry flavour is OK on its own, should you ever get round to ordering any of that.

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Don’t let your body shape put you off starting Judo - there are people of all shapes and sizes in the dojo and 99.9% of them will welcome you in without a thought about your weight and shape.
The Judo itself will give you a bloody good workout, I have done Judo for nearly 30 years and it still kicks my ass everytime!

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That’s reassuring to hear, thanks! :smiley:

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Have you tried blending with coffee and banana? The banana smooths it out, and anything that tastes of coffee can’t be bad!

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Don’t write it off just yet! I’m like you and hate sweet things but for some reason ordered vanilla as my first two pouches. I gagged at the first shake and promptly sold the unopened bag and changed my subscription to unflavoured. I tried adding coffee but that seemed to enhance the aftertaste for me, then I tried the flavour boosts - some were ok but still very sweet. I quite liked the banana.

By the time the unflavoured arrived for my next delivery I had come to the end of the vanilla bag and had become quite used to the taste. I was blending it with cinnamon and ginger most days and was really enjoying it. Now I’ve got the unsweetened which is better in that it doesn’t have that sweet artificial taste but it does need stuff adding to it. I find it a bit more gritty than the vanilla but if I leave it a couple of hours before drinking it’s much smoother. I’d love someone to give a decent savoury recipe that tastes nice cold… lots of people suggest adding stock cube/boullion but I can’t face the idea of drinking that cold!! I don’t really like drinks though… my boyfriend is always telling me I need to drink stuff that isn’t coffee or wine… hmm wine flavour Huel?

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S’what I do too…best way IMHO.

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I’m toughing it out, don’t you worry about that! Sunk cost fallacy or no, there’s no way I’m spending this much money on a beverage and not drinking every last drop of it :stuck_out_tongue:

I made it easier on myself by using about 100ml less water, and ensuring that my scoop was well packed with powder. It made it into a much thicker shake, more palatable. More “milkshake”, less “chilled unmentionable bodily fluid”.

I plan to go down your route, switch myself to unflavoured/unsweetened. From what people are saying here, it sounds like it’s the objectively better choice.

Whomever is telling you to add Bovril to your shake and drink it cold is obviously an alien in disguise, come to spy on the Huel forums for an intergalactic anthropological experiment. Don’t fall for it. Don’t drink cold Bovril. That’s disgusting.

Once I’ve consumed a few pints of the U/U, I might have a flash of inspiration and be able to recommend you some savoury flavours!

Until then though, why not try adding a little pinch of salt to it? Traditionally, you’re supposed to salt your porridge; and Huel is essentially thin porridge. Salty beverages have a long history in the Mediterranean - one of my favourite things in life is chilled ayran; and that’s basically natural yogurt, water and salt. I recognize that for some of the health conscious folks on here, and for those cursed with a sweet tooth, I’ve essentially suggested that they spit on a crucifix. A little salt never killed anyone though! If you give it a go, please be kind enough to report back with results.

Oh, and speaking of results, I’ve lost 0.7kG since yesterday. It’s probably too early to say it’s working; but it’s totally working!!!


There was someone who suggested cheese and bacon or something like that for new flavour boosts, maybe that guy is the alien…

Congrats on the loss so far! I’m just over a month in and have lost 8lb which I’m really happy with especially as that included one week where I had a lot of parties and one week of holiday!

My dad always adds salt to his porridge. I will salt up a Huel in the morning and let you know!

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I will salt up a Huel in the morning and let you know!

You know what they say about too much of a good thing, mind you. Too much salt probably isn’t the best idea, and I’d hate to be responsible if you end up like the wife of Lot.

Huel is serious business! Take all the proper precautions, and good luck!

To be fair I think wife of Lot is better than lot of wife…unless you are Mormon.


I’ll be careful, promise… I don’t fancy being either a wife of Lot or a lot of wife, which id end up being with all that salt bloat. Just a pinch it will be!


Hurry back with those results. I need to report back to the mothership I’m super curious, fellow human.

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I often skip the lengthier posts (no no, not yours if you’re reading this, I always read yours) but this one is funny and well written dolerocket I hope you keep it up


Errrrr so adding a bit of salt didn’t really make a difference (maybe I didn’t add enough, but I didn’t want to turn into a horse’s salt lick/woman made of salt/some other horrific side effect)

So then I decided to add some marmite in. Just to see if it would be as bad as I expected. For the benefit of the alien species I can inform you that this is not a recommended recipe. It tastes like drinking Twiglets that you poured milk on and let it go soggy. Now I have to either finish this abomination of a concoction or go hungry…

Back to the drawing board. Maybe Huel just shouldn’t be savoury, after all I can’t really think of any cold drinks that I drink that aren’t a bit sweet. I wonder what it’d be like blended with V8 vegetable juice? Or one of those green smoothie recipes. I will do some more experimenting and report back to the aliens, I mean huelers.

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Try V8! That could work! It probably wouldn’t add too many calories either.

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I find that adding raw cocoa powder helps a lot with the sweetness. My favorite by far when I dont have fruits and a blender at hand is a mix of cocoa, cinnamon and coffee - very milkshake like, and I actually really enjoys it now. It’s not savoury I know, but definitely helps with the sweetness. My next batch of huel will also be the adding the U/U so I can experiment with savoury versions


A good pinch of salt in new vanilla is a perfect salted caramel!


Will keep reading your updates with interest! :smiley: Very entertaining read :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry I indirectly ruined your Huel! If it wasn’t for me prompting you like the devil on your shoulder, you’d never have had the idea of adding Marmite! :flushed:

Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you somehow. And if it’s any consolation, by your actions you have advanced the noble cause of Science!

@RyanT and @jeffy89; I’m flattered you guys are enjoying my rambling. I aim to please! And also to lose weight, I guess, but if I can please at the same time I’m not going to complain.



A good pinch of salt in new vanilla is a perfect salted caramel!

You might just be the genius we need. Once I’ve rattled off these two bags of O.G. Vanilla, your suggestion is going to be the first I try! It’s impossible to hate salted caramel.

Also, to make this a proper update rather than just replies, I’m down to 117.5kG, from 118.8 on Monday. I know that weight naturally fluctuates, and daily weigh-ins are a recipe for shattered morale when that nice downward trend doesn’t sustain itself; but damned if I’m not doing it anyway! No brakes on this train.

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