Day One [will potentially include other days]

See if I was really mean I could have told you it was the most delicious thing ever and then sat back and waited for you to try it… I’m just too nice (and, obviously committed to scientific research :nerd_face:)

Following my “interesting” breakfast Huel, I had some feelings of hostility towards my lunchtime Huel so I didn’t add anything at all (U/U) and actually it was pretty nice. I let it stew in the fridge for a couple of hours. Or maybe my tastebuds have been permanently scarred by the marmite fiasco and I actually can’t taste anything anymore.

Just having a look through the cupboard to see what to put myself through next… gherkins? Curry paste? Mayo?

I feel like I need to update my CV and add voluntary scientific research…


The student has become the master. I stand in awe of your superior motivation and courage in the face of adversity!


Why thank you

Update, Flavour, Fourth Day

It’s growing on me. Damn it, I’m starting to like this stuff. The trick is, you’ve got to taste through the flavour. Open your third eye, step through the gates of perception, pierce the veil of normality.

What I’m trying to say is that the vanilla is very strong, but very short-lived. Lurking underneath is the taste of the True Huel (truel?). It’s oaty, like I mentioned before. Sort of like thin porridge. But there is also a fresh, floral taste - very similar to the scent of fresh-cut grass. You guys know exactly what I mean, so don’t come at me with the whole ‘how can a taste be like a scent’ business! Anyway, I’m guessing that the culprit for this is the peas. It’s a green sort of taste, and the peas are the greenest thing they put into Huel. I love it.

And I love the texture, too! If anything, I wish it were a little grittier. Maybe I’ll start throwing in a handful of sesame seeds before I blend it each morning.

Anyway, don’t get me wrong, I’m still switching to the U/U version. This whole “liking Huel” business would be much easier were it not for the enormous Vanilla-flavoured road block I managed to crash into on the first day. But that’s my mistake, and thanks to my tastebuds slowly starting to adapt to this batch, it’s a mistake that’s getting easier and easier to live with.

Has anybody out there tried the Cacao flavour system? I’ve done some homework, and it seems like “cacao” is trendy-speak for “dark chocolate”. I love me some dark chocolate, the bitter-er the better-er. If anyone has tried it, please let me know what it’s like!

Update, Weight Loss

Today I caved and ate a flapjack from the factory vending machine. It was 500 calories. I didn’t exactly hide in a broom cupboard, stuffing the flapjack into my face in between bouts of copious sobbing; but I did feel pretty guilty. I compensated for it by having a lighter evening meal.

That said, as soon as I finish this update I plan to demolish a whole cantaloupe. Thank God for melons, am I right? Being mostly water, there’s a limit to the amount of guilt you can feel while cramming them down your gullet. A massive watermelon has what, fifteen calories? That’s about the same as a single can of Diet Pepsi! Melons are my favourite fruit - so delicate in flavour, so subtly perfumed, that they are one of the few exceptions to my usual anti-sweet attitude.

We’re getting off topic here. You wanted to know how much weight I’ve lost. Well, the trend is resoundingly negative; and that’s a very positive thing! We have a reason to be suspicious, though. Check the numbers, and you’ll see what I mean.

Monday: 118.8kG
Tuesday: 118.1kG
Wednesday: 117.5kG
Thursday: 116.0kG

One of these things is not like the others!

You see, the trend seems to be accelerating at an unrealistic rate. I’m not sure what to think about today’s result - if it’s true, then I’ve magically lost a kilo and a half in the space of one day. Could it simply be water weight? I need more data points, and for that I need to continue the diet. My energy levels are fine though, no change in lavatorial functions and I’m not fatigued. I don’t feel particularly hungry, either. It’s all very bizarre!

For the sake of the record, I’ve weighed myself under the same conditions each day. After my evening meal, before I conduct my business with the toilet, wearing nothing heavier than a pair of Y-fronts and an impressive beard. So that can’t be the reason for this anomaly. Also, I weigh myself three times and record the average of the three, rounded up to the nearest decimal place. So it wasn’t a dodgy reading on the scales!

Very bizarre. If anyone has experience of this sort of thing, please advise. I’m looking at you, @danlking! Lose your normal person mask and get in here!


I don’t have superhuman data processing skills like @danlking but I do have MyFitnessPal which is not amazing either but can show you this:


The big spike down at the beginning was my first week- it was literally dropping by the day. Then it went up again and then more and then a bit more and I was like aahhh crap another diet that didn’t work for me… BUT it has continued to go down overall and as you can see it’s a bit spiky but learning to live with that!

Keep tracking!

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Sal, you’re a genius!

Don’t be worried about temporary increases. That’s the kind of curve that, if it pertained to the stock market, would have investment bankers jumping out of windows. It’s a definite downward trend, is what I’m saying. You should be super proud of yourself!

It also gives me hope that my initial sharp dip isn’t totally fictive; and gives me an idea of what to expect in the weeks to come. Thank you!

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From the looks of it you’re at about the point weight wise that I was at a couple of months ago before starting Huel (about 19 stone/120kg). Given that and my own experience, this doesn’t look like anything unusual at all (“it doesn’t look like anything to me…” :stuck_out_tongue:) . I actually noticed a bit of a trend with my weight, where it would plateau for a few days and then I’d suddenly lose 4lbs (nearly 2kg) all in one day. All I could put it down to was the fact that I was eating and drinking more (but still in defecit) on days when I exercised more, which created an artificial plateau that disappears as soon as you have a normal day and get all that food/water out of your system.

Also, a good sized cup of tea is between a half and two thirds of a pound all by itself, so if you have three cups of tea in a work day without needing the toilet, that’s three completely different data points for your weight right there.

For this reason I pretty much refuse to take my daily weight all that seriously, I only compare weekly averages (although it still feels like a massive win when you reach another landmark, even just for one day)

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I didn’t even try the vanilla, knowing it would be too sweet. And I hate sweeteners, so, I have U/U with a little shot of Sweet Freedom caramel chocolate shake and a shot of espresso. The Sweet Freedom is really low cal and carb, and doesn’t taste that sweet, its like really bitter chocolate. I tried loads of savoury stuff, but it’s just too weird.


Okay just did another experiment (cos, like, I’ve got nothing better to do…alright so I’m procrastinating but who cares)

This recipe was about 250ml coconut water, 1 scoop u/u Huel, half an apple and a big handful of spinach…
(Yep only one scoop but I was naughty and had a snack earlier ooops)

It smells kinda like hay… but it tastes pretty darn good. It’s not exactly savoury but it’s not sweet either and it’s green so it must be healthy right? It’s still got that earthy/grassy/weetabixy taste of Huel but it rather complements the spinach taste if I may say so myself. I reckon it would be even better with avocado but that will have to wait for another day.

Pretty happy with this one.

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Thanks for all your input, guys. And kudos to @salp123 for a successful experiment!

I’m utterly pooped today. Had to sit through hours of Powerpoints at work today, lots of Japanese words and technical diagrams. Brain hurts a little, so I’m vegging out. I won’t be active in this thread tonight.

For a quick update, I’ve climbed slightly to 116.9kG - no biggie, since I’m still the best part of 2kG down from my initial weigh-in.

I’m going to leave you all with a question: is it girly to participate in a spinning class? I want to try it out, but I don’t want to be girly. Nor do I particularly want to catch cooties, which is a clear and present hazard in such a female-dominated environment…

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A just and noble cause, but sadly your mention of that particular activity makes you the girliest person in the thread thus far, which obliges me to eject you from it in these toxicly masculine times.

Honestly though, I’ve no idea. I just generally prefer outdoor exercise and actually going somewhere than sitting in a room with sweaty people of either gender


Haha if you catch cooties in spinning class you’re doing it wrong!
I went to a spinning class twice on a free trial… I haven’t been back haha. There were plenty of other guys there. As a [non cootie carrying] girl, I quite like it when I see men in my exercise class. Equally I would be happier turning up as the only girl in a room of men than being in a room of only girls!

Go spin!

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Spinning starts after next payday. All of my money for the next two weeks has to go into my petrol tank, otherwise I can’t make it to work! If I can’t make it to work, I can’t keep the lights on. But more importantly, I couldn’t continue my Huel-centric healthy living strategy, which would deprive you all of your eagerly-awaited updates!

I need to buy myself some kit. Squash racquet, court uniform, decent indoor trainers. I’ll get a cheap set of trackies while I’m at it, something to wear while spinning.

Why spinning, you ask? Well, sessions only last forty minutes; they have an evening one which is convenient for exercising after work; and there’s a spinning club two minutes down the road from my house. It’s good cardio, and it shreds calories.

One game of squash per week, one or two spinning sessions. Six months of that and I’ll be toned, lean and dangerous. Like some sort of predatory jungle cat.



This morning, I decided to try something different. This morning, I decided to be bold and daring. I’ve been saying for a long time that Huel is basically porridge, right? Well, I decided to act on that assertion.

I got a large cereal bowl and added three scoops of Huel to it. You know, you never really get a sense of how much Huel is contained in three scoops until it’s sitting in a bowl, staring up at you like an off-white powdery mountain.

I added boiling water, a little at a time, stirring with a fork until it resembled thick paste. Then I nuked it for half a minute, and whacked a teaspoon of clotted cream on the top.

You can probably guess what I’m about to say. It was thoroughly delicious, apart from the overweening taste of Vanilla.


This is going to be a theme for the rest of my diet, isn’t it? Or at least until I have the chance to switch myself to U/U…

By the way, 115kG flat. Either my scales are broken, or this is great progress!

EDIT: No side effects to report so far. Bowel movements etc are perfectly normal. The one anomalous event that has happened to me since starting this diet was a mild flashback on Saturday to that one time my university friends and I took lots of Class A’s and watched Gandahar. I’m reasonably confident that this wasn’t Huel’s fault, though, so I’m not planning to sue. Or demand they change Huel’s recipe.


That’s my kind of breakfast!

That’s my kind of breakfast!

And that’s why you’re my kind of scientist. You know, we make a great team!

So, today’s update. I’m down to 114.6. 4.6 more kilos, and I’ll be light enough to join the local gliding club. Not that I will join the local gliding club, you understand. I’m not scared of heights by any means, but soaring without an engine in a tiny, greenhouse-esque perspex cockpit; participating in a kind of flight that could literally be called “falling with style”, and slowly dying of dehydration [gliders are hot]… It doesn’t exactly sound like Top Gun to me.

No. I hate gliding. I only mention it for the sake of emphasis. When I hit 110 kilos, I’m officially going to be light enough to fly. Yep.

Huel gives you the power of flight. That’s what I’m saying. Marketing guys, I hope you’re taking notes up in here.

Anyway, I’ve been awarded New User of The Month here on the Huel forums! Woohoo! Big shout out to everyone in this thread, who’ve helped me get here by reading and liking my stuff. Especially to @Africorn, whom I’m pretty sure has “liked” more of my content than anybody else; and yet to whom I’ve spend regrettably little time actually talking. I love reading your comments too, Africorn, I’m just way more stingy with my “likes” than you are. Thanks for all your support, I’m glad you enjoy my stuff!

Secondary shoutout to @jeffy89, for having a better thread than me. If anyone who’s reading this hasn’t at least skimmed through her journal, you’re probably missing out. All the inspiring weight-loss stuff, none of the disconnected rambling you find in this thread. Check her out, if you haven’t already!

II look forward to continuing to be a productive member of the Huel community (Com-huel-ity?)!


Hahahaha it ain’t a competition :stuck_out_tongue: but I feel it were, you beat me hands down on wit! And I probably beat you on lengthy wordy rambling :joy:

But awwww that’s so sweet of you; it just made my night :’)

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No problem, Ms. Jeffy98. I always try to share the love.

To anyone else reading this, I have some practical advice! This one’s for all you Huel-ers who got into this game for efficiency-related reasons. Guys with black belts in Six Sigma, who probably drive first-generation Honda Insights and wear starched polo shirts with the buttons done all the way up to the top. The guys who got into Huel because it totally eliminates breakfast time if you drink it in your car on the way to your data analysis job.

You can use a blender to prepare two Huels at once. I don’t know why I didn’t figure this out sooner! I mean, my blender has a 1.5L capacity; so it should have been one of the first things I tried.

Whack 800mL of water into the blender, followed by six scoops of Huel. Blend for fifteen seconds. Top up with 150mL of water, blend for another ten. Portion it out into your two shakers and bung them in the fridge, and you’ve just made tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch in one fell swoop.

Efficiency! Continuous improvement! Lean manufacturing!


Scientist. Scientist!!! No one has called me a scientist before. Experimental maybe! I think I need a lab coat and some intelligent looking specs.

Congrats on the Huel award, totally deserved. “Com-Huel-ity” though… I mean talk about teacher’s pet!! Nah just joking I’m only jealous I didn’t think of it.

Extra congrats on the weight loss too. Nearly gliding weight. You never know when that might come in handy. Always good to have options.

This morning’s Huel I’ve gone sweet. A dash of strawberry Ribena plus 300ml soya milk, 1 scoop u/u. It’s incredible. Just like a strawberry milkshake but better.

Also in the oven for some early morning cooking is some aubergine bacon, idea courtesy of @hunzas (tweaking the recipe as I didn’t have all the weird ingredients. I mean, who has liquid smoke lying around?! No, I cheated and used Jack Daniels bbq glaze instead. Just half a tablespoon so not too many added evil calories. It smells amazing. I’m probably going to eat it all in one go, not gonna lie.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


BBQ smoke is worth getting hold of. I bought mine off Amazon…but it is becoming more popular now and even bigger Tesco supermarkets have it. I use it in lots of things and it is great stuff. Here is the brand I use: