Day 1 thoughts - sort of brilliant'ish

This needs to be said - I’m 27 and I can state as a fact that in my entire life I’ve consumed easily less than .5kg of plants (excluding potatoes).

I’ve never been fat-fat but I’ve been out-of-shape for most of my 20’s, I’m currently just under 15st, 5’11, so definitely a chunky dad-bod, but my diet has been unregulated junk food with absolutely nothing healthy to speak of, I don’t like the taste, the vast majority of what is considered to be healthy food makes me gag.

I’m a software developer and my new job has a gym at the office, so no excuses, gym starts Monday.

I took delivery of my first Huel order today, all powder stuff, x4 mint choc, 1 new vanilla, 1 berry, 1 old vanilla, 1 coffee.

The morning started with 3 scoops in 500ml of water, I was “hoping” for a better taste, but it was exactly like I thought it would be, I’m describing it as acceptable… tolerable… “ok”.

By 2pm I’d had my second “Huel Meal”, uneventful, unexciting… but let me add this - hands down, without any shadow of doubt, according to the ingredients, the absolutely healthiest meals by a long way that I’d ever consumed in my life, and for that - Huel is going to be life-changing, and invaluable for me.

Unfortunately, I’m not going to be sticking to my original plan of 100%, by 4pm I was starving and to be honest all I could think about was food all day… that’s not the problem, the problem was the thought of going home to “only” another Huel, and then waking up and repeating… I’m an extremely driven and motivated kind of guy, but no, not this one.

I went into Sainsbury’s on the way home and picked up some Warbutons Crumpets, Jacobs Crackers, and some Vitalite.

3 crumpets and 4 crackers when I got home was one of the tastiest and most appreciated meals I’ve ever eaten… and then I washed it down with a 2 scooper Huel.

I also dropped my sub from 8 bags of powder down to 6, every 4 weeks, and moved it forward 2 weeks to get rid of the 2 extra bags in this order, that should do the trick. 42000cal down from 56000.

New plan, breakfast and lunch will be Huel, 3 scoops in 500ml water, < 1000 calories,
I will get home and have 3 crumpets and 4-6 crackers with vitalite, 400-600 calories, then another Huel 1 - 3 scoops depending on how I feel, overall below 2000 calories for the day, and that’s with a desk job and low activity, when I begin to starve as I start working out I will readjust on the calculator and add some more crackers or an extra crumpet.

Some other thoughts - I expected mint choc to be my favourite, I already know after today that it won’t be, my next order as it stands will be x2 new vanilla, x2 old vanilla, x2 berry, I expect this will change to x3 X-vanilla and x3 berry, which ever vanilla is better once I’ve tested them, and I already suspect I’m not going to favour the coffee, I’ll get them all down during the following 6 weeks either way and then decide.

That’s it, great stuff, pleased over all, it certainly met my expectations and for me it’s an absolute no brainer… I’m also a vegan now by default as it happens, which is great… no point is sacrificing that point for the sake of spreading butter on crumpets and crackers, vitalite tastes great, maybe better… dare I say?


Welcome mate to the life of Huel. It’s not good going 100% straight off that’s tough going, plus the body needs to adjust to the big change. It would of been best to start with one a day then after a few days/week go up to two a day for a while. Then maybe three if you feel like it. Huel is also a lot nicer if you make it the night before and fridge it over night for the next day. Drink plenty of extra water as well.

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Hey great start!

All it matters that your mind seems to be set to do it and even when you have found “obstacles”, you haven’t stopped.

I have a friend (software developer too), who’s on a similar journey (started end of Jan). He usually has 1- 2 Huels + a meal (more like salad with tuna/salmon/avocado/eggs; a soup and chicken; or similar). What he does with his first Huel is he adds one ripped banana plus a spoon of peanut butter (check extra calories). I’ve tried it and it makes it taste better no doubt.
Recently, with him doing some strength training, he has huel with one scoop of whey protein (see flavouring purposes here, too) and a banana or so. I would argue the whey is not necessary but adds flavour.

Anyhow, to the point. Yeh, you have options out there to make your Huel more tasty, especially if you have a blender.

Hi there!

I’m also a software developer and Huel fan. I didn’t love Huel in the beginning but over time I found my own favourite flavours and thickness.

I also adjust my shake based on the time of the day.
In the afternoon I’m more hungry then the rest of the day so I make a heavier shake.

My morning shake is a Original vanilla with alpro coconut and instant coffee. (Sounds disgusting but is delicious, trust me!)

And my afternoon shake is Original Vanilla with alpro coconut, Whey strawberry and banana.

Welcome to Huel and have fun experimenting and finding your own favourites :blush: