Hello from Milano! :) - My journey diary


Here’s the result!

I admit, they are not very beautiful, but they are good!
The taste is better than I expected. Only in the center the texture is a little bit too powdery, resembling the original Huel, I probably have to find the perfect baking time, but overall it’s not very different from the muffins I’m used to.
I definitely miss some real chocolate inside (I used the flavdrops, but even if I added 50 drops it’s not enough), but I avoided to use chocolate or special toppings on purpose, to have a light version.
They are obviously not good as my white chocolate and strawberry muffins I do in special occasions, but that’s 200gr of butter and 200gr of sugar, can’t say it’s light and healthy. :smiley:

Anyway, I find exciting that something made with Huel, some milk and eggs is close enough to texture and taste of flour, butter and sugar. :slight_smile:

So, taking into account that it was my first experiment, I would say they are approved! :smiley: Next time I’ll add some more fresh fruit, I used only bananas this time which are great for the taste, but not for having a variety in texture.

Anyway, here’s the recipe I followed (again, thanks to @Deron on Discord):

I changed it using a banana blended sauce instead of applesauce and no other fresh fruit (which I recommend to add - I’ll try with strawberries or raspberries next time).


Hey Danosavi, good to see your huel journey going so well, those muffins are a great idea! I haven’t cooked anything with huel yet but you & @jeffy89 are inspiring me - check out Chris’s thread it you haven’t already, she has been making huel pancakes & they look good too. I might try the recipe you posted here with apple, I’ll let you know how it goes! :+1:


Hey Grace, thanks! Yes I’ve seen Chris posts, she’s great! :slight_smile: Also tried her icicles, with no succes though :stuck_out_tongue: I think muffins and other things like that can become a great way of doing a snack in an healthier way (that’s why I wanted to keep the recipe as clean as possible with no toppings or chocolate or butter). They are also better tasting than bars :stuck_out_tongue: The only problem is that cooking Huel certainly degrades some of the nutritional values, so it’s probably not as good as drinking a shake.

But, still fun to experiment. :slight_smile:


@VenusFly @danosavi haha oh man you guys keep making me blush! too kind :relieved::flushed:

but yeah, I feel you on wanting to have as minimal additions to Huel recipes as possible (that’s why my pancakes only use eggs and milk and some sweetener haha; not the best but like you said, fun to experiment). I’ll probably get round to trying your Huel muffins sometime!! :smiley:


Speaking of life-changing, since I’ve jumped on the Huel ship I started to think about my health in general, so, also thanks to a coupon I’ve found, today I’ve done my first workout in ages! I’m clumsy, flexible as a piece of rock and slow as a snail, but it feels good. :muscle:

Just wanted to share with you fellow Huelers. :blush:


This thread is fantastic, keep it up @danosavi


I agree with Danosavi, I too started going to the gym as the extra weight started coming off, and I’m not ashamed to go to the gym regularly now!


Welcome to the ‘snail speed, throw up your lungs if you run, not being able to lift heavier items than a Huel shake’ - club.
I hope to rename that a bit in the future when exercising (in my dreams) is something I cant do without :grinning:


Today I’ve broken the 67Kg barrier for the first time, thus reaching what I think is my ideal weight for now.
I’ll probably still loose something while I’ll figure out what will be the right diet to keep the weight, but from now on I’ll focus on workout.


I’m now into the second week and couldn’t be more satisfied.
For who might be interested, not wanting to spam, I’m using an online program called Fitterclub (not paying the full price lol, found a coupon on Stacksocial for 19$ a year). I’m definitely not a gym type, tried many times but really don’t like to do it in front of other people and the place in general, also the need to get out and spend time in traffic to workout. I always started with great motivation and stopped like after two or three times :smiley:
This, instead, is very enjoyable, I can do it 5 days a week when I have an hour to spare and the excercises are perfectly balanced for my level.
I actually found myself every day looking forward the workout time, and that for me is a new thing. :slight_smile:

Just wanted to share, in case someone else is in my same boat.

Oh, and on the Huel side, I’ve tried a shake adding 25gr of liquid honey. Probably something many others did already, but still, I think is very good! :slight_smile:


Well done! I still have a way to go, but I am slowly on track :slightly_smiling_face: How much is 25g as a liquid measure?


It’s 18ml, according to the box. But it depends on the type of honey. I bought the single-dose pack like the ones in hotels, for convenience.


Sounds like it would be super-sweet (but probably delicious :blush:).


Actually it wasn’t very strong, but as you know my tastebuds are not very sensitive :smiley:


I’ve just noticed that the offer is still valid on Stacksocial, if anybody is interested, sorry for spamming, hope is useful for someone. :slight_smile:

Other than that, I have to say that thanks to Huel I’ve discovered a lot of new things to eat. For example, I’ve learned that flaxseeds exist and are nice with fruit and salad. :smiley:


My journey continues. :slight_smile: Yesterday I tried a little treat.
Usually I add to Huel some grams of cacao, just for the flavor (or chocolate flavdrops). Yesterday I did a chocolate-kind of drink, adding a lot of cacao to water. Didn’t use milk, but the result was similar to chocolate. Then I’ve added Huel.
Ok, I know it’s not very good for weight, but being at my right weight and working out almost everyday now I can afford it. And it was worth it! :smiley:

I forgot to take a pic, but it was very brown-chocolaty and delicious. :stuck_out_tongue: So here’s a random hot chocolate picture for you. :smiley:

Now, I have a rant, not Huel related. After many weeks of testing of various supplement, the Nutrizing I posted before, a MyProtein magnesium-zinc-blabla stuff and another multivitamin supp, I can share you the result on my health.
Roll the drums…ZERO. NADA. NICHT. NIENTE. :smiley:
I’m ranting because I’ve just had a 3 hours sleep night due to a strong attack of RLS, so the magnesium stuff is doing nothing aside taking off money from my bank account. As all supplements I’ve tried in my life for any reason.
I’m scientifically writing down day by day everything related to my bowels and body in general, so I can see if there’s any change in frequency of related symptoms, and also fitbit is tracking my sleep, not to have to trust “feelings”. I’ve seen no difference in the data. So I guess it’s time to wrap it up. I’ll finish the current packs, and then stop.
I may have the most meds-resistant body in the world, or maybe placebo effect doesn’t work on me. I don’t know. But I’ll stop draining my wallet. :triumph::cold_face::crazy_face:

I’ll stick with Huel that, even if I don’t experience better skin or hair or more energy as many, at least is cheap, has a nice taste and it actually helped me achieve weight loss, avoid sweets cravings and it’s lazy-man friendly. And it’s actually money saving! :smiley:


Now you made me want hot cocoa - maybe because its cold and raining and Im 15 min away from lunch… :wink:


I wonder what would be like having an hot chocolate Huel :smiley: I know it would loose many nutrients if it’s too hot, but maybe…warm? I drink it very cold usually, because it’s hot now, but I’m thinking maybe in winter it will not be so comfortable. :smiley:


I suspect it would be very good!


Hello everyone. Busy weeks :slight_smile: This is the Heart Week, so today I tried to go to a mobile red cross station that offered a free screening with a doctor and some lab checks. I wrote “tried” because even if I was there early before the opening, there were already like 50 persons in queue, so I had to choose between staying there probably until afternoon or doing a walk in the center and then going shopping at Decathlon (bought some light weights and a better mat :slight_smile: ). Well it was an easy choice :smiley: I’ll guess I’ll pay for a checkup later.

In the meantime, my Huel - life is going on well as always, I’m now settled to 2 meals a day and it feels like it’s always been like that. It’s so easy and convenient. :slight_smile:
Also my workout plan is going well, and I’m really enjoying it, thanks Fitterclub, I couldn’t be more happy of the first results and overall with Huel + workouts I really feel I’m doing something important for my future.

Now I just have to make my work more stable so that I will have a future! :joy: :crazy_face:

I also tried drinking ambient temp Huel but I don’t like that much. I guess I’ll stick to lightly cold even in winter, I’ll figure it out.


Today I woke up and weighed myself and…oh crap! :japanese_ogre: :smiling_imp:

Apart from turning into devil, another problem I found consuming Huel is that you have to factor also the price of new pants you have to buy, because all old ones will be too large. :smiley: