Hello from Milano! :) - My journey diary


Did you shake it before pouring? If it’s super natural it may have separated the way home made almond milk does.


Yeah, I did. It’s not the first time I try such products, always the same result. It’s like drinkng water with a little flavour added. I need strong flavour and texture, like milk or juices, which are great and also way cheaper. I can buy a juice for less than 1€ per liter, a third of that kind of stuff. :slight_smile:


That’s disappointing, but I suppose the bottle isn’t labelled soya milk as such. Must have been grim on granola. Yuk.


Yes it was really bad :smiley: But I’ve finished it, didn’t want to throw 50gr of good Granola away. :slight_smile:
These products aren’t labelled as “milk” because is now illegal to do that, I don’t know if it’s an italian or EU law, it was made to protect customers from confusion between diary products and other drinks.
I tried rice “milk” before and it was far better than this, but I still don’t see the point of spending 3€ per liter, when I already get everything I need from Granola and juice tastes a lot better. :slight_smile:


Anyway, I found out that it’s not so bad if you drink it as it is and not as a base for Huel or cereals. So I will use it as a drink, it’s always a pity to throw away food even if we do not get excited about it. :slight_smile:


Thanks to @Squizzle suggestion I’ve ordered some flavdrops!

I’ve done a 40gr test Huel with 4 Toffee drops, sipping it now. Seems nice, even if not too strong.
I’ll test raspberry tonight for dinner. :slight_smile:


@danosavi for your tastebuds I think you need half the bottle :smile:

Happy you like it :slight_smile: Raspberry is very good in Berry Huel, it enhances the flavour and adds sweetness which I feel is lacking in it. :smile:


To be honest, I probably tried the wrong flavour, since even the Huel toffee fb was not very different from Vanilla in my previous tests. :smiley: Let’s say it enhances the flavour. Now I’ll prepare the raspberry for tonight! :slight_smile:


Ok tried raspberry, it’s good! 10 drops are definitely enough, even if I might try with 12. The flavour is not strong and not too sweet, it leaves a nice taste. There’s just a slightly bitter aftertaste, but I don’t mind.

So far so good, tomorrow I’ll try strawberry :smiley:


Today is a special day: it’s 2 months of Huel! :smiley:

Let’s recap:

  • I’ve lost around 6/7 Kg (still fluctuating).
  • I’ve almost completely stopped eating sweets and craving for them (just some icicles or occasional ice cream)
  • I’ve tried many different mixes: with fresh fruit, syrups, aromas, flavdrops, fuit juice, other powders, and of course Huel boosts.
  • I’ve found my perfect balance, with Granola for breakfast and Huel 100gr shake for dinner. Occasionally (like today), I also use as side dish with a normal meal, like chicken or food.
  • I’ve started to be more concerned about my health, in general. Not only because of Huel, but also.

And all of this…while having fun! I like Huel, and I love experimenting with it, and discovering new things.

So happy 2 months to me…and counting! :tada: :balloon:


Ok, couldn’t arrive in a better day! @Africorn sent me a gift last week!

Now I can try Huel bars too :blush:

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


I’m glad they finally arrived! :blush:


And they’re good! Had half one for a snack. :slight_smile:


Hello there!

Thanks for the greeting on my thread, thought I would pop over to yours! Your experiments with different flavours have been great to read + very inspiring!

My huel was delivered yesterday + so far have tried the new vanilla with coffee + cinnamon + maple syrup (quite nice), then today new vanilla again with raspberries, honey + goats milk instead of water, + another with cacao flavour boost which was nice but very subtle for me (even in a 1.5 scoop new vanilla shake) so I added a spoon of Nutella + this is definitely my favourite huel so far!

You are very adventurous with the fruit + herbal teas, I hope to be following in your footsteps! Good job on the weight loss too… Italian food is so delicious, I don’t know how you resist! Huel really must be magic :slight_smile:


Hi Grace! :slight_smile: Thanks for reading. Of all my experiments I can certainly suggest you to try the flavdrops from MyProtein, so far is the best I’ve found. They are very cheap but also good, so give it a try in the future, if you can. Also, blended banana with chocolate is the best. :smiley:

I don’t know if I could do 100%, I would probably crave normal food too much. But having a normal meal a day, or even every two days, and my beloved saturday night pizza, is good. I’m also really lazy sometimes, I don’t like to cook for myself alone, so I guess it helps.

Have fun! :slight_smile:


Some update on my journey. After a couple of weeks struggling over the 70Kg barrier, I’ve now broken it and with 69.8 I’m very near to my 68Kg target. Then I’ll have to figure out how to maintain weight, probably I’ll have to add more Huel to my dinner shake. I’ll see.

Flavdrops are just wonderful. I’m using them both in my shake and in my milk with Granola. After two weeks of use, I’ve consumed less than 5% of the bottles, they are still almost full. So they are really cheap indeed! :slight_smile:

I’ve also ordered a new kind of probiotics to see if they help with my IBS. This is the Amazon UK link if someone is interested, I’ll let you know how it goes.

The journey continues!


Today I’ve bought a new scale which measures also body fat and other stuff. I know they are not very accurate, but it was only 12€ and I thought it’s still some useful data.
The first result is that I immediately lost another 0.5 Kg, because it weighs me at 69.5 Kg while the old one sets me at 70. I’ll pretend that the new one is more accurate! :stuck_out_tongue:

I also compared the bodyfat, idration (TBW), muscle mass and bone mass values to the standard tables, and if it’s not giving me random results just to please me, they seem to be all in the average. Noting excellent, but neither bad. I still miss my 6packs and pectorals promised me when I first bought Huel (I’m kidding! :smiley: ), but I guess that being near 40, is not that bad.
I should now convince me to do a little more muscular exercise, but thanks to Huel I already feel much more attentive to the health of my body. :slight_smile:

Regarding the Nutrizing probiotics, I had some issues in the first days (sort of :poop: explosion lol :smiley: ), but now things are settling. I still don’t have any evidence of some benefit, but I guess less than a week is not enough. I’ll see in the long run. :slight_smile:


I’ve just tested Granola 1.1. Here’s my review, in a separate post.


Yesterday has been a tragic day for us in Italy, as you may have read in the news. So I was a bit down, and since on monday I also had some bowel problems, I decided to go 100% Huel for a day.

It went very well! I didn’t crave any other food at all, I also did a snack with a bit of Granola and a yogurt. I felt lighter than usual and even if it’s already 3 months, drinking Huel is still fun.
I still don’t wanna ditch normal food, but I think I could easily go for a 5 days 100% Huel and a weekend of treats. :slight_smile: Maybe in the future I’ll try!

Today, instead, I’m doing Huel muffins following a recipe posted by @Deron in the Huel Discord chat. Slightly modified because I’m using bananas instead of Apple and applesauce.
This is my super Huel mix :smiley: MegHuel :smiley:

I hope they will be good, usually first time is never good but who knows! :smiley: I’ll report as I will be able to taste them.


I’m looking forward to hearing how it went! :slightly_smiling_face: