Hello - quick question

So I started Huel a week again today, all is well. I do a tweet everyday of how Iโ€™m feeling/doing (@Lou_Williamson) shameless plug :massage_woman:t3:.

Anyway, my question is - when does it stop smelling like something has died and crawled out of my arse?

About 2-3 minutes until you fart again, sorry


For most people it settles down about the 1 week mark, so things should be good for you from now on.

Does anyone know the reason why this happens? Is it something in the ingredients that does it? Because a lot of the stuff I read says farting is really common for everyone.

Digestive system adapting to digestion of new foods and fibre intake.

I think itโ€™s because the high fiber content is more than most people consume, thus promoting a different (and more healthy) gut flora. Gut flora changes take a bit of time and are mostly accompanied by mild digestive issues, such as bloating, diarrhea and more farting. When equilibrium is restored again, all gets more quiet too :slight_smile:

I didnโ€™t go through this, probably because I already ate a lot of fibre.