Help! Huel tastes bitter


I tried HUEL for the first time today and I really want to like it. But there is something that tastes very foul/bitter for me and am not sure why. I got both Original and New Improved and same thing. Way I went is mixing 100g HUEL with 500ml water, found it a little thick so did add more after. Any advice as to dealing with this very unpleasant aftertaste?

Try the fridge for a few hours or overnight (the mixed Huel, not you).


Thanks for the reply and tip! I will try to leave it in the fridge overnight and see if it helps!

Update: Left in fridge overnight and had no issues with the taste. That’s very strange. Thanks a lot for the tip!


Thanks @Michael_Rozdoba really appreciate you helping out with this one.

I totally agree, the fridge + Huel is a magical place where all sorts of sorcery happens! Glad you’ve found a way to make Huel that works for you!

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Not only that but now I even enjoy it right after blending one. I guess I needed a day or two to adjust. Now I actually think its quite tasty! :slight_smile:

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Certainly the refrigerator is magic. I find the vanilla to be too sweet and mix mine half unflavored/ half vanilla. I almost always add a handful of strawberries or a small banana. A good sprinkle of nutmeg really helps.