Here we go again

Hi hope everyone is doing well
I have decided to lose weight again :upside_down_face:
I used huel a couple of years ago and lost about 10kg, then I kinda of went off the rails as they say
I’m back now, yay!!
I have order 2 bags, I decided to replace only 1 meal, like last time, so im replacing lunch, I dont usually eat breakfast anyway
I’m on day 3 now, first shake wasn’t great, second not too bad, but today I got it right, really enjoyed it
I weighted myself on day 1: 83.5kg
Gonna do it again next week so :crossed_fingers:
Has anyone gone 100% huel? If so how did it go?

I have done 100% Huel, and not long ago either. I describe what this was like here.

It was an interesting experience, but such self-abuse is not something I would suggest anyone try to be honest.

Hey Angela, welcome back!

I don’t want to sound like a therapist, because clearly I have no qualification for this. However, it would be useful I expect to determine what derailed you last time? Does your weight regularly fluctuate?

Just hop on the search bar in the top right, plenty of people have tried, but my advice to you and others will always be the same.

Hi, yeah that makes sense, last time things were going great until I went to visit some family abroad and didn’t take any huel with me, but was still doing pretty well, anyway as the days went by I just kinda forgot myself and just started to eat everything and anything without a care and just start putting weight on, 100% my fault no doubt

Its been a week since I started back on huel
83.1kg today
So I have lost some not a lot but its a start, quite pleased

Personally I believe in small gradual change rather then flipping everything upside down. I believe it’s more long term sustainable. I had a decent diet before but still started slow with one meal every other day. Then moved up to a meal every day and now I’m on 2 meals per day most days. Some days it’s all Huel, some days none, thou that’s pretty rare. Yesterday I had breakfast at a B&B, which became mostly bread, then for a late lunch/early dinner I had pizza and finished off with sour milk and cerials. My stomach didn’t like all that dough now that it has gotten used to a more healthy diet. But I’ve not felt I had any significant digestive issues switching to Huel, thou I know some do. Making the transition slow give the stomach time to adjust, thou some still have issues. I don’t plan to go 100% Huel, but I also don’t think it would be an issue for me personally. I have felt socially awkward at times with it, but with working from home this year it’s been pretty easy since I mostly eat alone anyway.