Hidden maltodextrine?

As you can read here: http://bertrand.bio/featured-canola-oil-powder/ there is hidden maltodextrine in Bertrand. OK, it’s no more hidden, because they acknowledge it on their blog and on their Twitter, but my question is: is there some hidden (or forgotten, just like sucralose was forgotten in your first nutrition facts sheet) maltodextrine in Huel? I mean, as a carrier for another ingredient?

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We’ve updated the english FAQ and added the maltodextrine point, as it was always on the german version of our site. We definitely want to avoid the impression that we hide ingredients, this is why we are giving a weekly closer look at our ingredients.

About the oil powder: As far as we can oversee the market, there is only fat powder which contains an antioxidant, and are then drawn onto maltodextrin. In the canola oil powder we purchase, there is an organic maltodextrin application, which is extracted without chemicals, but by means of enzymatic hydrolysis of corn.
One should definitely stay away from DIY fat powders or simply trying to spray the oil into the powder, since there is always the danger that the oils oxidizes due to the increased oxygen contact, therefore becoming rancid. Consuming rancid oils can carry serious health risks.

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@Raymondcal sorry for the late response, we have been double checking with suppliers. We can confirm that our Oats, Pea Protein, Rice Protein, Flaxseed and MCT are all Maltodextrin free. In the case of the Sunflower Lecithin there is a very small amount. This amounts to 0.257% Huel.

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Thanks for clarifying that. With such a tiny amount it has no affect on my blood sugar

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@Julian You might want to update this page https://huel.com/pages/how-to-use#step4 as it states that there is no maltodextrin whatsover in Huel