High Blood Pressure & HUEL

I have recently started taking Ramipril for High Blood Pressure.
My Doctor recommended avoiding bananas due to the high potassium content.
I noticed that my HUEL contains 175% of the daily potassium requirement.
Does this mean I should stop using HUEL?

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My doctor knows that my diet is approaching 100% Huel, I’m on ramipril too and there’s been no slapped wrists.

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Pharmacist here - unofficial advice only.
Rainpril CAN give you elevated potassium, but usually alongside renal failure/problems (very rare, please don’t worry!) so if you’re on ramipril and your kidneys are ok, then you have no cause for concern. Doctors usually emphasise bananas for potassium - but there’s more potassium in a potato! Dietary potassium - unless super excessive will just be filtered out by your kidneys .


Same issue here. I’m on losartan potassium for high blood pressure. I understand that a potassium rich diet may interact with this medication. Does anyone else know if huel is safe to consume on this medication?