High levels of certain amino acids in Huel

currently I am using Huel for two of my meals, but recently I have been considering switching fully to Huel mainly for the health benefits. There are some concerns I have about the high levels of amino acids I be consuming. I need about 3000 kilo calories per day, and given the amino acid profile of Huel I would be taking in about 400% of the methionine and 650% of the leucine requirement if I switch to fully to Huel.

my main concern is that both of these amino acids increase activity of the mTOR gene, which in turn causes all sorts of problems from ageing to the onset of Alzheimer’s and cancer. (source)

that said, are chronic intakes of those amino acids in those amounts going to cause major problems?

Hi @Rodie

As Huel is high in protein relative to the other macronutrients, by default it’s going to be high in amino acids and at a high calroie intake, the level will be high. Infact, your intake of these amino acids would be high if you were consuming a sold wholefood diet that was high in protein. I haven’t read those studies on the mTOR, but they are merely hypotheses.

@JamesCollier ah, I see, I’m looking forward to 100% Huel then, thanks for clearing that up!

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