Amino acid amounts

What is the level/mg’s of amino acids in Huel. Most importantly Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine but also the rest?
Thank you.
Huel is brilliant.


We have recent added a section about amino acids here:

The actual numbers will be added v soon.


The numbers are now live for the amino acid content, see here: The amino acid profile is now live…

Thank you very much. That is brilliant and the amounts are more than perfect.
Thank you.

I was wondering. On your welcoming video you mention about using scales to measure your Huel instead of the cup. Is that just a personal preference or do you count your calories etc. particularly precisely? Does the scoop end up leaving enough variation for a scale to be necessary? I am quite particular myself when it comes to counting my nutritional intake but i don’t know whether there is a high enough disparity between scoop sizes and whether the precision of a scale is worthwhile?
Thank you

Oh yes scales are excellent. Scoops have several downsides:

  1. You can only weight in increments of 38g, how do you weight out 100g with a scoop?
  2. You do always get 38g, sometimes there are air gaps in the scoop
  3. You have to level off the top of the scoop each time you scoop
  4. If weighting out a blenders worth of Huel, and get interrupted I have lost count of the number of scoops, very annoying.