High Saturated Fat

Hello everyone. I’m new to Huel and was wondering why the saturated fat is so high?
I understand that MCTs, Polyunsaturated and Monounsaturated fats are important for many reasons but nothing good comes from saturated fats…mainly high cholesterol and coronary heart disease, yet you have more saturated fat then both MCTs and Monounsaturated fat??

Hi @Aaron_Charlton,

MCTs are saturated fat, meaning that they are solid at room temperatures, but they are a special kind, since they are both plant based and more easily digestible.

I’d be interested to hear what @JamesCollier has to say on it though, just to clarify.

All the best,

The reason that sat fats are high is, like Marus points out, they are saturated fats by structure so we have to label them so. So a good chunk of the sat fat amounts are MCTs. The remainder are naturally occuring in the ingredients.

The fact that saturated fats are bad is very outdated info (and the Government should be shifting their labelling focus - I have major objections to the current food labelling system, but that’s another debate!). It’s consuming too much sat fat that’s bad, and the amount of sat fat in Huel is low.

Thank you both @Marcus and @JamesCollier for the quick replies. Thats great!!