Hol 'Canada's answer to Huel'

Don’t worry, they will say on the other side

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I know! :slight_smile:

But I am asking you (as I have both) because looking at the ingredients I don’t see that much difference apart from protein…

Canada has VERY specific requirements about the ingredients and nutrition in any product marketed or perceived by them as a meal replacement right? Maybe that’s the reason for the similarity. That’s why Huel isn’t there because they would have to reformulate their products for that market – Soylent had to do the same although weirdly denied they had. A fact easily (and very vocally) disproven by their customers who could taste the difference and could also read the back of pack :blush:

I hope you interrogate every company of food you consume this way. Huel has always been pretty transparent about the business, have fun reading the forum posts and most of your queries will be answered.

The green one has no added vitamins, hence it’s incomplete. That should be enough info for you.

Same reason all of the EU Complete Foods started: Soylent was clearly onto something but they were only available in the US.

Huel in the UK, Joylent in NL and Feed in FR were next. Everyone else followed, but Soylent was always the first and will always be the reason the other products exist.

Anyone remember the good old days of Metrecal?


was that the short/wide canned drinks packed full of diabetes and SVT for breakfast?

Yep. The good old days

they had the best adverts, Huel could learn a lot from them.

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Jeez, that reminds me of Pripsen.

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it was pretty popular for a few decades - until people literally started dropping dead on their starvation diet.

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The company made millions while it lasted. It killed far less people than many other products you can buy. Health and safety gone mad.

True - I think it was there advice to eat no more than 900 calories a day that was the literal nail in the coffin :slight_smile:

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Apparently it tasted so bad you couldn’t eat 900 cals of it even if you wanted to.

I tried some once when I was at school- tasted like milk of magnesia.

Tasted better than most school dinners then.

Milk of magnesia has always sounded like it would taste nice to me! (not having ever tried it)

Also @hunzas 90’s school dinners were delish :heart_eyes: turkey twizzlers and iced school cake.


live the dream @Charlotte_Huel , live the dream. and yes - that dosage instruction is not a misprint - Take six to nine 5ml spoonfuls - yum


Alternatively @Charlotte_Huel you could go back to your 1980s classroom, grab a few sticks of chalk, and stick them in a high powered blender with some water and drink that. It would have the same taste and probably same effect.