How long after mixing is it safe to consume?

Been ill since Wednesday so only able to eat today.

Have got a whole days worth of huel mixed with water from Wednesday that I couldn’t eat.

Been in the fridge in a sealed, but not quite airtight, container.

I imagine the taste might not be the same, but safe to drink?

I would imagine the taste to be completely rancid. Please come back with an answer to that. Pretty sure this has been brought up before… yes.

So the answer is probably that yeah, it’s safe, but no don’t drink it :smiley:

24 hours if in the fridge is the official line. I’m guessing it doesn’t smell too good anyway.

I will get a clothes peg out for my nose an get pouring down the sink :slight_smile:

My longest was about 60 hours, was OK though pretty tasteless. Out of a fridge about 8 hours is too long

I regular make mine up in the evening for the following day and leave them in the fridge. Yesterday I forgot to pick them up so this morning’s breakfast shake was made at about 6pm on Monday.

Out of a fridge they seem to last 12 hours or so easily.

The taste will start to go off before they go bad though. If you’ve left it to long it starts to taste like vinegar.

So pretty much like milk. Give it a taste. If it tastes OK, then you’re good to go.

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