... and after 24hrs?

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It’s my first day with Huel and I notice that a batch will last for 24hrs in the fridge. What happens after the 24hrs? Is that batch unusable? Is it safe, but only just?

Just curious. :smile:

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@ronnietucker great question. We haven’t tested beyond 24 hours, so I can’t say for sure. We will do further tests, my suggestion in the short term would be to mix smaller batches and leave a max of 24 hours.


As it happens, I’ve been running this experiment this weekend. I mixed up some Huel on Saturday morning and I had some yesterday and some more today (Monday morning). It had seperated a little, but a short shake rectified that. Taste-wise there was no change that I noticed. This means, that 48 hours is fine.

In milk-protein based drinks - like whey protein - the protein denatures after 12-24 hours of being made up and is distgusting. This doesn’t happen so readily with plant-based proteins like the pea and rice protein in Huel.

The reason we say 24 hours, is that there may be a small loss of some of the labile micronutrients over a long period when it’s made up.

So, whilst I’d be pretty confident that it’s fine to consume mixed-up Huel after as long as 2-3 days, I’d recommend it’s drunk within 24 hours to get the full nutritional benefits from it.


Thanks @Julian and @JamesCollier - I explained it pretty badly, but, yeah, I meant is the 24hrs a use by, or a best before. Seems it’s kinda like a best before.

Thanks guys! :smile:

Oh! One other question: is it OK to have a mixed batch out of the fridge for 24hrs (or more), or should it be kept cool most of the time?

There would be more loss of some micronutrients out of the fridge. It should certainly be kept cool as much as possible when mixed


I have often had 2 or 3 day old Huel, and it has never done me any harm. I’ve also made it up in the morning and taken it with me out, and ended up consuming it in the evening, meaning it has not been refrigerated for 14 hours, and still it did me no harm. So, if something happens and you don’t get to consume your made up Huel within the specified time frame, you probably don’t have to waste it. Most real foods (like Huel) last 2 or 3 days in the fridge.