Why can I store prepared Huel only 24h?

I made my three-scoop Huel shake and stored it in the fridge for next evening like I usually do. However, a friend came over unexpected so we had normal dinner instead of me drinking my Huel, the next day (which was about 40-44h after the Huel was made) I tried my shake and it tastes perfectly fine. The consistency changed a little (some lumps) but overall it tastes totally the same.

Why does the website say we should not use prepared Huel after 24h?

I had a little look via the search tool and found this. Hope it’s informative!

So basically he’s saying it’s okay to drink it after 24 hours?

I’d be hesitant to speak for James, but this section seems to suggest so…

"The reason we say 24 hours, is that there may be a small loss of some of the labile micronutrients over a long period when it’s made up.

So, whilst I’d be pretty confident that it’s fine to consume mixed-up Huel after as long as 2-3 days, I’d recommend it’s drunk within 24 hours to get the full nutritional benefits from it."

Noted. Thanks!

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Thanks, @DanKyte - that post was based on an older Huel version (v1.2), we now have a new gum system that makes it more stable.

You probably could make Huel and keep it for more than 24 hours, but that’s the time period we’re happy to recommend as we know it still tastes great and there is minimal micronutrient losses.


I’m interested in this thread as you say after 24hours there is no impact on taste yet there are changes in micronutrients, what are these changes? Why do nutrients change but not the taste? Do they still meet the quantities that you have on your website? What happens after 24hours? You haven’t mentioned any safety tests. At what stage does made up Huel go bad?

Sorry about all the questions, the more I thought about it the more questions I had.

I said there may be changes to micronutrients; the changes may be minimal we just can’t guarentee them after this point. Some of the labile ones like potassium and vitamin C, may be lost.

There are no safety issues. I’m sure after several days there may be some rancidity, but I’m guessing.

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Hmnm you say “may be” a lot does that mean you haven’t tested it?

I assumed that because huel is so based on science that it would be rigourously tested?

Why are their no safety concerns? Is bacteria or mould not able to grow in Huel?

you would’n store an opened bottle of milk out of the fridge.
I’m sure @JamesCollier assumed you would treat Huel as any other food…

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My guess is there are too many variables to answer the question definitively. Off top of my head - storing in a fridge, kitchen worktop, bag for work… / constant or varying temp…

I can say this - i left a 3 scoop meal in my back pack for 7 or 8 days - that was an unpleasant smell when i opened It!

No, we haven’t tested it. I see no need to as we don’t recommend you consume it.

But @JamesCollier you have you tested it up to 24hrs?

Yes and we run continued testing on our products for all claims we make.


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Ok great, What changes happen after 24hrs?

I can’t be certain as, like I said, we’ve not tested, but I would guess that some labile vitamins and minerals may start to break down, ie the amounts will be less. of course, in the firdge, in a small container with the lid on, losses would be minimal.

Let me rephrase… What happens at 24hrs? You say you continually test but then you say you haven’t tested after 24hours. Your guesses are that some things may breakdown but what about bacteria surely they will grow. My orange juice which has been through heating to make it safe recommends that after opening to drink within 3 days. So what I don’t understand is why huel say it’s ok to consume within a day when there has been no heat treatment. You keep giving vauge answers which makes me think you have no idea and that it is a throw away statement.

I’m starting to doubt Huels credibility.

It doesn’t make sense to test it outside of 24 hours prepared. Past that point, the values of nutrition will change and be unpredictably different from what is shown on the nutrition packaging. I think that’s why @JamesCollier is telling you repeatedly that at 24 hours after preparation those micronutrients can start to break down. A person who regularly stores it past that point may not get sufficient nutrition, which is against what the makers of Huel advertise. If it had a chance of being dangerous to your health once the clock struck “midnight,” the warning would be much more stringent.

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Why would me assuring you that Huel is checked and fine up to consume if stored under all the guidelines we state, make you doubt our credibility?

Maybe I am not understanding your question!

You asked me what happens after 24 hours. I don’t know, but as you pushed, I made a guess!

I don’t know about bacteria, but I guess it may be fine for a while. We haven’t tested it after 24 hours.

All I know is that up to 24 hours, everything is hunkydory. I don’t know after the 24 hour period.

If this doesn’t reassure you, then let’s rewind, please, so I know I haven’t missunderstood you. Please state clearly and concisely specifically what you want to know, then I’ll answer each point in the same way so you’ll be happy.

Can you share the results of the tests you have carried out on prepared huel up to 24hrs. Including nutritional, Safety (microbe counts etc) and taste?

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