How long in advance can you make your Huel Black edition before consuming it?

hi everyone,

Still a bit new, but already loving it :slightly_smiling_face: :grinning:

But that black edition stays a bit lumpy when prepared in the (new) shaker, and I really prefer my shakes to be smooth. Of course when prepared in a blender, it’s perfect.

I would love to have my shake when driving home from work. At work there is no blender at my disposal, but there is a fridge. So my question is: if I make my shake in the morning at home with my blender, and I keep it cold for 9-10 hours, will it still be in perfect condition to consume it?

Thanks in advance for any advice, recommendations, experiences, etc.

Perfect? No. Drinkable? Yes. The flavour and consistency will have changed in that period of time but it should not have soured by that point.

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Hi Phil,

thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:
That doesn’t really sound encouraging :smiley:
But I’m happy to hear that it should still be “drinkable”. So if I understand correctly, it will have the same nutrition quality (all the benefits), but the drinking experience will be different? I guess I should simply try it then.

the powder will be fully absorbed by the liquid so it will become a little thicker and the apparent volume will have reduced (you can counter this by adding a little more water before drinking and shaking it up again) and the flavour will have mellowed to varying degrees. if it starts off as a strong flavour it should still be ok, milder ones will become more neutral. Nutritionally it should still be fine.

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I make my Huel Black first thing every morning and leave it in the fridge all day until 6pm - it tastes perfect to me !

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Allright good to know. How many hours between making and drinking it?

Normally 12 hours between making and drinking. Occasionally have had Huel 36 hours after being in the fridge. Was not going to throw any Huel out once I read this from James…

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Allright, sounds good! I’m using alpro almond or coconut milk. So, if I understand correctly, that shouldn’t be a problem (in my case max. 9-10 hours)?

I think he is referring to whey based proteins vs plant based - not actually the milk in the drink.

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Yes, I understand, but because I use plant based liquid to make my Huel, I should also not have the disadvantage of my shake becoming disgusting. Because they contain plant based protein.

By the way @Phil_C and @TicketyBoo loving the quick and very informative responses :smiley:

We’ve definitely found that refrigerating overnight makes the texture smoother and probably close to what you desire!

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I often blend the night before and refrigerate overnight. I use almond milk. I sometimes don’t consume it until the next afternoon and it’s always fine for me. I like the thicker texture though.


This is what I do, but with coconut milk usually, 50/50 with water. I drink it the next day anytime between 11 and 4, and it tastes fine to me.

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I usually make mine at around 9pm and then drink it the next day for lunch at 3pm. It tastes good and it’s usually extremely thick which I like, but you could always add extra water before drinking.

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