How much to get your RDA of vitamins, minerals & nutrients?

How much/many times a day would you need to have Huel in order to get you RDA of vitamins, minerals & nutrients???

You would need 500g of powdered Huel, based on Vanilla.

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Which would also be about 2000 kcal, or a full day’s calories for an average person (obviously depending on weight and activity level, higher for some, lower for some.)

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Therefore, if you only had Huel once a day, you would not get the required RDA?

That is correct. It is a meal replacement, and you don’t normally get all your RDAs in a single meal whatever you eat.

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Got it. Thanks John.

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I was making sure as Herbalife do a breakfast in which you get all 26 vitamins and minerals you require. I currently have this in the morning so I wanted to know if I could replace my current breakfast shake with Huel.

Why would you expect to? You have 2000 kcal (more or less) to eat in a day. Why would you expect some fraction of that to contain all of your nutrition for the day?

The intention of Huel is to be nutritionally complete, that means it gives you the exact percentage of your RDA of nutrition (on average, each person is slightly different) that you need for the percentage of calories you eat.

If they were to make it 100% RDA at 1000 kcal, then anyone who wanted to eat only Huel would be overdosing by a factor of two on their nutrient values.

I don’t really understand why this is so controversial to some. This isn’t a food supplement, designed to make up for other things, it’s a nutritionally complete food. You can eat as much or as little of your diet in Huel as you like, and you know that for that portion, you’re getting a fully balanced meal (to the limit of current food science).


Could you link to this please?

Herbalife doesn’t give you your RDA in one meal either though…and it doesn’t have a brilliant nutritional profile. Regardless of that it is a Pyramid MLM scheme…which I wouldn’t want to support.


So the first sentence on that link highlights my point

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I can’t find the nutrional information anywhere for that and from how it’s worded on the website I don’t think it contains all the vitamins and minerals, just some. Happy to be proven otherwise if you know where to find the nutrional information.

Where the heck did you find the label? Been searching for about 5 minutes.


Google images for Herbalife formula 1 nutrional information


Please help im taking huel as my only source of nutrition/food. How do i calculate how many scoops i should take per day in order to lose weight bearing in mind my age height weight exercise. And as im taking a reduced amount of huel to lose weight will i still be getting 100% rda?

@Tbear if you are consuming less than 2000 calories per day of Huel, you will not be getting all the RDA, as with any food really, so you might want to supplement with a multi vitamin.

As for exactly how much you need to consume, you need to calculate your daily requirement using your age, height, weight and activity level, using a TDEE calculator (there’s loads online if you google it. Also the NHS BMI page will give you a rough estimate also).
If you want to be super accurate, a fitbit or similar can help.

Generally, you want to eat 500 calories less than you burn, every day, to lose 0.5kg / 1lb per week.
As you lose weight you will start to burn less calories so you will want to weigh and recalculate your TDEE maybe once a month.
If your activity level / muscle mass increases this will increase your daily calorie burn, so again, keeping an eye on your TDEE is a good idea.

That’s the basic principles.
If there’s anything more specific you need to know, there’s some more knowledgeable people on here who can help you out, just ask…


Regarding vitamins and minerals this is what concerns me. I am doing weight loss on Huel 100%, but the full 2000 calories was too much, I am doing 3 Huels a day ( 125mg of Huel for each ) 1500 calories which works for me. Oh I do have a banana every evening as well. But obviously I am not getting the full RDA so was going to take some multivitamins. However the multivitamins I have are all 100% RDA for each vitamin and Iron. So for example with vitamin A, I would be getting 1400ug’s with 3 Huel’s and the multivitamins,which I think is too high in one day. So really I think I would want a multivitamin with say 200ug of vitamin A, unless I would be ok on just the 600ug in 3 Huels.
The last thing I want is to get ill because of too much vitamins, I am confused what to take.
One thought was to leave the vitamins as it is with the 3 Huels a day and maybe have a bit extra magnesium and Calcium. Maybe I am thinking too much about it :thinking: maybe @JamesCollier can advise.

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That goes for more than a few of us, I imagine. I would pile on the weight taking in 2000 calories a day and 1500 calories would be around my maintenance allowance. I look forward to James’ answer to your question, Ian, because it’s something that bothers me too. Mind you, having said that, I feel healthier than I have in ages which ought to speak for itself.