How to bulk up Huel with something zero carb?

Hey, I’ve been using huel on and off for a year, mostly for 1 meal per day, but I want to up my intake.

I’m a type 1 diabetic and I’ve not found issues with huel and my blood sugar. It’s made my life easier as I know the exact carb intake I’m having for that meal and can very accurately give myself insulin for it. However having only normal huel for 2-3 meals a day is just too many carbohydrates for my body to deal with.

I’m very intrigued by huel black due to the lower carbohydrate content and plan to order it next as it means I can have more huel with fewer carbs.

However I’m stuck with 2 nearly full bags of normal huel.

Is there any recommendations for how I can bulk up normal huel with something high fat and low/zero carbohydrate that I can add to it as I blend it? I’m thinking maybe coconut oil or no added sugar soya milk but I don’t think either of those are gonna taste good

Perhaps not soya milk due to the strong taste but there are plenty of other plant milks available now that don’t have a particularly strong flavour. I don’t know the nutrition off the top of my head so don’t know if it would be suitable for you but I have found that a decent quality oat milk is good with Huel.

Oat milk is far higher in carbs than unsweetened soya milk though. Tastes better for sure, but not suitable.

If you have a blender blitz Huel with desiccated coconut to reduce the proportion of carbs; so 50/50 Huel powder and coconut. Or add full-fat coconut milk from a tin. If you don’t like the taste of coconut may not be helpful, if you do, it tastes quite nice.

dessicated coconut is an incredible idea! thank you!

I bet it’s good with some pure cocoa powder too, like a bounty bar. I have a very low quality blender right now so I might invest in a higher quality one to get rid of the coconut clumps but still have the taste.

unsweetened soya milk and unsweetened nut milks are only type of milk I know that has few carbohydrates. unsweetened soy milk is practically zero carbs! Oat milk is not a good idea- it’s very high in carbohydrates, but it would defo tasted good so I’d reccomend to non diabetics.

Yes, I have a high powered blender which works great, but low powered household blenders not so good as you say.

Yep, put in some cocoa powder too raw undutched is best as has not been heat treated or washed with alkaline chemicals.

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I totally misread the original post and thought you were looking to add carbs… :see_no_evil: D’oh etc. Leaving my foolish previous post unedited a) so that subsequent posts make sense and b) as a permanent testament to my foolishness.

Lots of people add peanut butter… slso think cashew, almond, other butters.
Protein powder…?
I like to bake with my vanilla huel: add ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves (in decreasing order of qusntity) and some veg. Oil or butter and a bit of water or plant milk to mix. If UU, add vanilla and sweetener that will bake e.g. sucralose. Bake at 225 rolled quite flat until pleasantly brown. To crisp further, use some microwave.

Also possible for UU: add parmesan powder or grated cheese, and paprika powder, italian herbs and salt/water/egg to taste. Bake same. Verrrry yummie.