How to determine the GL of a RECIPE?


I would like to understand better the Glycaemic load.

Huel powder has a GI of 29. It contains 37g of carbohydrates per 100g, meaning the GL of 100g of huel is 29 * 37 / 100 = 10.7 which is great

What I don’t understand it that Huel contains a lot of instant oats and instant oats have a GI of 60.
Why does the GL of huel per 100g is not 60x37/100 = 22?

How is the IG of a recipe (= containing many ingredients) is determined?

For example, if i have 30g of carbohydrates with a GI of 50, it gives a GL of 30x50/100=15
What about the GI of a recipe that would contain 30g of carbohydrates with GI 50 + 30g of fat with GI of 0?
Is the GL 15 (carbohydrates) + 0 = 15 or does the fat reduces the GI of the recipe, meaning that the GI of the recipe would be 50 + 0 = 25, leading to a GL of 25 x 30 / 100 = 7.5 for this recipe?

What is the compute method?

It is just for my information, i’m curious :slight_smile:

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I can’t answer your entire question
But I can tell you that the reason why Huel does not have the same GI as instant oats is because of the other ingredients.
Protein, fats and fibre all reduce the GI of a meal.



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If Huel was just oats then the Glycaemic Load (GL) would be similar to what you have worked out. However, Huel is more than just oats, there are several other ingredients. You also need to account for fat and protein, affecting and reducing the Glycaemic Index (GI).

Huel Powder has a GI of 27. This has been calculated using data from human participants in a lab trial, it’s not something that can be worked out accurately from taking the individual ingredients and putting them together in a formula. You can find out a bit more about how this is conducted here.

GL of a food = (Carbohydrate Content (g) x GI)/Weight of Food Serving (g)

So GL can vary depending on your serving size. So take 100g of Huel as an example:

(37g x 27)/ 100g = 10

You can find out more about GI and GL in our article:


Ok thanks so 100g of rice has an higher GL than 100g of rice + 20g of fat + 20g of protein?

You got it!