Glycemic index Huel H&S

What sort of carbs are in Huel H&S, Mac n Cheeze?
Any idea about the glycemic index?
Is it safe to consume 400g of this per day?

Hey there! You can find our nutritional information on our site here, bottom of this page. But also on the product pages too. Per 102g serving of Mac & Cheeze there are 47g of carbohydrate, of which 5.2g sugars.

I don’t believe we have results for our pastas’ GI, but from our site:

Huel Hot & Savoury flavours have the following GI values: Tomato & Herb - 23, Thai Green Curry - 19, Mexican Chilli - 31.

Could you be more specific about safety? I think you mean, would you be at a dangerous level of any vitamins and minerals - for which the answer is no. But if you mean safe from gastrointestinal discomfort then the answer is different for everyone based on how quickly to switch to 2000kcal of Huel H&S/day. We recommend you to use Huel for your most inconvenient meals and still consume a balance of Huel and whole, home-cooked foods. Shifting to a lot of Huel per day should be done gradually.

Hope that’s helpful! Please do follow up with anything I haven’t answered for you!

Thank you. Is there any idea at all coming soon about the GI of the pastas?

On the website it does say slow releasing carbs, just curios which one I should place the order for, for health reasons

At the moment we only have those 3 tested. But we are looking to send more in the next round of testing for sure, but GI testing is quite a long process. We will update here when we know!

Thanks Tim.
Sorry I keep questioning you haha, just a cautious Hueligan so i know which option I should pick.
I liked the Cajun and mac and cheese but I am wondering if its a healthy choice to have 3-4 times a day compared to the other offerings, the ones you have the GI for already.

I see the main ingridient is durum pasta, which is supposedly good but is there any sort of information on the health aspect of the pasta offerings of H&S? Love the product so far

Could you explain what you mean further?

GI is a fairly limited indicator towards the healthfulness of a food (I’d never use it on it’s own). It’s highly likely that the H&S pastas will be low GI (below 55) and small differences in numbers tell you more about the people that took part in the trial than the food itself.

As Tim has said you can see the health aspects of the pasta offerings with the nutritional information on the label.

What metrics would you use?

The reason I brought this up is because the Huel pastas taste wayyyyyy better than the grains.

It felt basically in the “too good to be true” category If that makes sense. Ie the pastas taste too damn good to be healthy in a General sense unless there is some next level engineering going on. That is why I was wondering what the “catch is” with the pasta offerings compared to the others like grain etc. @Dan_Huel @Tim_Huel

Will let Dan reply with nutrition stuff, but what I’m hearing is that you have a perception that pasta is not ‘healthy’ and therefore Huel using pasta in our nutritionally complete products (which are therefore ‘healthy’) might mean that we have developed a new pasta that is healthy.

In general, foods are neither healthy or unhealthy, but it is the sum of all our nutritional choices which defines whether a diet is healthy or unhealthy. Pasta is a great food choice and alongside a diet rich in protein, fibre, healthy fats and vitamins, minerals and within the bounds of our caloric needs is going to fit your definition of ‘healthy’.

Of an individual meal I’d look at the macro and micronutrient content, plus the ingredient list. As Tim said it’s also about looking at the overall diet too.

Something tasting good doesn’t have to mean that it’s unhealthy or vice versa!

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