How to recreate RTD Huel

I ordered a box of RTD Vanilla Huel a while back, in case I or anybody else in my family got sick. Since that hasn’t happened (touch wood) I necked one one evening when I’d had a ten hour day online and couldn’t be bothered even to make up a drink from the bags I have. Now I’ve become addicted and have got through five of the six bottles. Can anybody tell me please how to truly replicate the taste and texture of it, using Huel Original or Vanilla v3 which I have? What’s the secret?

I’ve been mixing them according to all the usual instructions and suggestions for a couple of years now, but cannot get near the same experience. I always have to add fruit or something, which is fine, but it’s still not quite as good.

It would seem rather extravagant and inefficient in terms of transportation to keep on buying RTD!

RTD and powder have totally different ingredients. Blend the powder for half an hour in a vitamix with some oat cream and you may start to get there.


What a shame - I don’t have any oat cream … wondering if ice cream would be a suitable substitute. :slightly_smiling_face:


Is ice cream ever not a suitable substitute?

Also. Rtd and powder will never taste the same :frowning:

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RTD is almost impossible to replicate you have to dedicate a lot of time to get the RTD flavour and texture and maybe you should have to add another ingredient…

To get closer to RTD you should use always the blender, minimum 1-2 minutes, instead of 5 seconds I normally do, use some milk and a higher proportion of water in the huel

But basically is not worth it, the RTD is something very industrialised and its almost impossible to achieve at home the key of it, its shelflife.

I love the RTD convenience but the powder solution is overall the best option.


Agree 100%

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I will try this.

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Actually you can get almost the same thing if you mix up lots of Huel and the put it in your fridge and forget about it. Then when you next check what’s in there to eat you’ll discover your Huel which is, by now, ready to drink!

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Nah jajajaja. No shelflife no party.


you need a big blender apparently

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Hmm, mine’s quite big … :slightly_smiling_face: