HS Code for Huel

Anyone knows the applicable HS Code (Harmonised System Code) for Huel?

I have brought Huel sometimes and I always list them under 2106.90.99 (Other food preparations), its tax rate is 50%.
Since it would cost me too much on tax, in order to keep them tax-free, I can only brought 2 bags a time, and twice a year.

Good luck with that. I deal with HS codes regularly and it is a headache. I guess must depend on the Huel products too, as I think for example pasta would be different to an rtd and different again to powder

over here they classify Huel powder as 2106 9090 and RTD as 2106 9092 60 - sales and import taxes/fees vary wildly delivery to delivery and range from duty free to 175% depending on the weather, the customs officers mood/how much extra cash he needs that month. my last two deliveries were duty and tax free after I flagged obvious fraud to Fedex’s head office where the local agents were applying all manor of taxes that were not applicable,

I’ve just chatted to our Supply Chain Director, Dan. He says that we weed to know what country you’re importing into ideally, and what you’re trying to classify (E.g. Black Edition is different to v3.0). The system is harmonised to 6-digits (I.e. anywhere in world will agree on what 123456 covers, but beyond that they will differ), so the code you’ve mentioned won’t necessarily cut it for imports. Is your allowance for duty-free imports only two pouches?

If you can send country/products then I’ll ask Dan to take a look :slight_smile:

Some thoughts from us, but this is just advice, as the importer of record it’s your responsibility to make sure that you’re using the right codes.

  1. GB uses the column I rate not column III, this drops the duty from 50% down to 30% - here GB is in the first table which lists all the WTO nations where column I rate applies
  2. You can differentiate between cocoa and non-cocoa containing variants - for anything without cocoa you should use 2106909990 (as you say) at 30%, but for anything with cocoa (at the moment that’s chocolate, mint-choc, salted caramel) you can use 1806909900 which is 10% import duty

Hope that is helpful. :blush:

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