Abandoned order - incorrect VAT to Switzerland

I can not find any information on the VAT of your product. I assume it is 20%.
I was in the process or placing an order to Switzerland yesterday when I noticed that the VAT was not deducted. This is an error in your ordering process. I am not willing to pay U.K. VAT then Swiss VAT and customs in addition.

Your competitors from the Netherlands have this under control :wink:

Unless I’m very much mistaken (and I’ve researched this fairly extensively), meal replacement products, at least in the U.K., are zero-rated for VAT.

See here: http://imgur.com/a/La2cq

I had an order delivered to CH. DHL added a further 30chf to the customs fees I had already paid. Huel were very good, but were unable to get DHL ch to refund me so Huel did it themselves (thanks). I think they have now increased the upfront fees to cover this.
Consequently Huel is ridiculously expensive in ch. I bought my last lot when I was last in the uk. Not sure what I will do when it runs out.